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FP NEWS SERVICE New Delhi On Wednesday, Gandhian Anna Hazare will go on fast again, albeit for a day, in solidarity with Baba Ramdev and to protest against the crackdown on the swamialt39s supporters.

After Hazare was denied permission to

go on fast at Jantar Mantar, where his five- day fast in April forced the government to take steps to enact a Lokpal bill, he agreed to stage the protest at Rajghat.

” Come what may, I will fast,” a defiant Hazare announced, after police banned the assembly of five or more people in parts of Delhi to prevent the Gandhian and his associates from gathering at the Jantar Mantar monument in the heart of the city.

Activist Arvind Kejriw- TRACK al told reporters that they did not insist on the Jantar Mantar site, as they did not want aconfrontation with the police. Sources close to the civil rights activists said there would be no defiance of prohibitory orders and no courting of arrest. It was also announced that there would be no further boycott of the joint Lokpal committee formed at the insistence of Anna Hazare. Achastened alt39India against Corruptionalt39 group of Hazare is apparently wiser after Telecom Minister Kapil Sibalalt39s tongue- lashing on Monday.

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