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Actors Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia Dalt39Souzas wedding has kick started the wedding season in Bollywood. However, the most- awaited wedding this year in B- town is that of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The couple

made hand- in- hand, deep in love appearances at all events and functions, since they started dating while shooting for alt39 Tashanalt39. While Kareenas importance in the Nawabs life was pretty evident during the promotions of alt39 Love Aaj Kalalt39, Saifs first production, the feeling became mutual when Bebos great grandfather, Shammi Kapoor passed away. Since then, the couple has been inseparable. Kareena once again came in the fore at Saifus, ( her love name for Saif Ali Khan) father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudis funeral procession. She continued to be on his side, even when Saif was bestowed with the honour of a Nawab.

Their bonding was concreted with alt39 Agent Vinodalt39 when the actor roped in his real life lady love to play his reel- life partner. Besides being Saifs dream project, the film also marked the beginning of a second phase for the Nawab – marriage to his long time partner and love, Kareena. The only question was when.

This too the couple cleverly put on the films release. ” After the release of alt39 Agent Vinodalt39,” the couple kept on saying every time the question was asked. The only give away was Bebos sister, Karisma, who hinted towards a possible 2012 wedding.

But with the year already started and the release date of the film just around the corner, the couple seems to be growing apart, giving rise to rumours that all might not be well in the loversalt39 paradise.

At a recent event, Saif and Kareena were supposed to make an appearance as a couple, instead, Bebo arrived with sister actress Karisma. What added fuel to the fire was when Kareena was asked about Saif and it was Karisma who answered: ” Saif had to shoot for an advertisement, hence could not make it to the event.” However, on the marriage issue while Karisma kept quiet, Kareena conveniently ignored it with a flashy smile.

Adding fodder for more talks was Kareenas absence from the first- look release of alt39 Agent Vinodalt39, a week later. And incidentally, beau Saif too had a similar excuse to give for his leading ladys absence from the event. Saif said and we quote: ” Kareena will later on join in the promotional activities.” As for the wedding, he had this to say: ” At the moment, I am just promoting my film and nothing else.” Funnily, this is from a love struck hero who not so long ago expressed his desire to marry Kareena and soon.

The couples aloofness was once again at display at the recent promotion of Kareenas film alt39 Ek Main Aur Ekk Tualt39. While Bebo appeared in a jovial mood, she remained silent on all questions regarding the impending wedding. Helping her fend the media was of course her happyto- be co- star Imran Khan who played the mute game whenever there was a question not concerning a film.

Whats cooking, Saifeena? Has the couple got cold feet, just when the wedding moment is inching close?