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12 killed in China riots



A violent mob on Tuesday chopped to death at least 10 people in Chinas Muslimmajority Xinjiang Uygur region, following which police chased the mob and shot dead at least two rioters, IANS cited a alt39 Xinhuaalt39 report as


The clash took place in Yecheng county of Kashgar prefecture,. Witnesses said the mob attacked the victims on Xingfu Street around 6 p. m.

BBC said security has been high in the northwestern province since riots took place in 2009 in the provincial capital Urumqi between the Muslim Uyghurs, who are the largest ethnic group, and the Han Chinese community.

Almost half of Xinjiangs residents are Uyghurs, Turkic- speaking Muslims with cultural and ethnic links to Central Asia.

BBC said Uyghur allegations of discrimination and marginalisation have been behind anti- Han and separatist sentiment in Xinjiang since the 1990s.

Violence in July 2011 killed 32 people.

A hostage- taking incident in December led to the death of seven kidnappers – part of a terror gang, according to Chinese state media.