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UGC to allow two- degree courses simultaneously

Indore: The dream of many a student to pursue two- degree courses simultaneously is likely to become a reality. The University Grants Commission ( UGC) has almost made its mind to allow dual degree system in universities of the country but before taking a final call on the issue, it has decided to take vice chancellors into confidence.

The UGC has sought comments of V- Cs on the minutes of a recent meeting wherein decisions on dual degree system and joint degree programme were taken.

In a letter to the V- Cs, the UGC stated it had constituted an expert committee to look into the issue of allowing more than one degree simultaneously from the same university or different universities either through distance mode/ part- time mode and awarding of a joint degree by Indian universities.

The committee headed by Central University of Himachal Pradesh V- C Furqan Qamar recently held a meeting and decided that dual degree system should be launched in the universities.

It also observed that joint degree programme should also be encouraged. At present, no university in the country as per the UGC norms can allow a student to study for two degrees simultaneously.

Type of dual degree system: The UGC observed that a student enrolled in a degree programme under regular mode might be allowed to pursue a maximum of one additional degree programme simultaneously under open/ distance mode from the same or a different university. However, two- degree programmes under regular mode may not be allowed simultaneously as it may create logistic, administrative and academic problems. Besides, the UGC stated that a student pursuing a degree programme under regular mode may be allowed to pursue a maximum of one certificate/ diploma/ advanced diploma/ PG diploma programme simultaneously either in regular or open and distance mode in the same university or from other institutions.

Joint degree programme: The issue of awarding joint degree by universities within the country was also discussed by the UGC committee and it was felt that apparently nothing prohibits universities to permit their students to take and complete a part of their programme of studies from any other recognised university and to this extent the joint degree programme is not only permissible by the UGC but also needs to be encouraged. Interested universities may make necessary enabling ordinances specifying details and procedures in this regard and may sign MoU to execute the award of joint degrees.