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Wearable Cameras: Capture Every Moment in Effortless Serendipity


Go Pro

Photos and videos are extensions of our memories. We’ve all wished it, to have a camera handy at that exact special moment. To have a more natural, un-posed record of events in our lives, and for it all to be a hands-free experience, so one can participate fully in life while the camera simply records.

In parallel, we live in an increasingly visual virtual space. Some of the hottest social networks are based on photos like Instagram and Pinterest. Videos are gaining popularity across the world, with the exponential popularity of YouTube. The social biggies like Facebook and Twitter are also spaces where text is being sidelined by photos and videos. Some of the most popular current content is on sites like Upworthy or Buzzfeed, with their focus on videos, GIFs and photos.

In this juxtaposition of memory-making, memory-keeping and sharing our lives online, comes the phenomenon of the wearable cameraIon Air. Mobile phone cameras facilitated the concept and now we have dedicated wearables, capable of shooting videos and stills at various configurations and resolutions. It’s really interesting to see how different manufacturers have innovated on the same basic concept.

GoPro Cameras

GoPro is undoubted the market leader in this segment, and has become nearly synonymous with the concept of a wearable camera, with approximately 6000 GoPro videos being uploaded on YouTube each day. Reminiscent of the dimensions of a matchbox, a GoPro camera can fit into the palm of a hand. These cameras are both wearable and mountable and with the right accessory, can be used in water, sand or dirt, making them the sports enthusiast’s number one choice. Really nifty mounts make it all come together. There’s app support for phones and tablets, along with software support for PCs. The wide angle of the lens produces a visual alchemy that turns the everyday into the distinctive. The GoPro range is available in India from Flipkart, and

Ion Air Pro 2 Wi-Fi HD Camcorder

Light, with a cylindrical form factor and waterproof from the get-go, the Ion Air Pro 2 is a wearable camcorder that is so easy to use, it’s for the whole family. The one touch function allows you to start the device and start recording simultaneously. It comes with its own apps, cloud storage and is Wi-Fi compatible. The Ion Air Pro 2 Wi-Fi HD Camcorder is available in India from
Let’s take a look at a few more notable wearable cameras.

Narrative ClipClip 2 MountingOptionsNarrative Clip:

The Narrative Clip cameras started life as a Kickstarter funded project. As the name suggests, it is a tiny, clip-on camera, which can be attached to clothing. It can give you an entire narrative of your day as it is an automatic camera which keeps recording at a rate of two shots per minute, as soon as it is clipped on.

Rollei Sunglasses Cam 200: 

Possibly the coolest sunglasses on the planet, the Rollei Sunglasses Cam is a stylish pair of sunglasses with a 135° viewing angle camera built into the bridge to give you video output from your exact vantage point. Similar to these is the Liquid Image 305 Hydra Series scuba mask, which has a camera affixed to the centre of a Rollei_Sunglasses_Cam_200_601986scuba mask to shoot under water.

What we can look forward to is more innovation in this space with even Apple reportedly working on the next generation of wearable cameras. Of note also is the trend of drone-based wearable cameras, like the winner of Intel’s Make it Wearable competition, Nixie. The Photographic Age is truly upon us.