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Spunk Shoes

The one word people ascribe most to youth is restless. High on energy, unbridled enthusiasm, and above all passion, they believe that they truly can, change the world. Little wonder then, that whatever they do, is so high on adrenaline and creativity. From graffiti to B-boying, from hip-hop to dance, all the things that thrill and captivate the youth are high-octane and full of life.

Celebrating this joie-de-vie and fun is the newest range of shoes from Spunk, a Future Brands division. Aimed at the young, and the young at heart, these shoes according to the company are for “those people who have a flair for movement, who are agile in body and spirit and enthusiastically give into the rhythm that surrounds them. These people are free of any inhibitions of mind and body.”

While not one claiming to be sportswear, Spunk as a brand strikes a fine balance between, being a casual wear brand and a hard-core sportswear brand. This simply means that it combines the best of both worlds and gives the consumer a range of products that they can look good, and feel comfortable in. Spunk prides itself on enabling people to be comfortable in their body, their shoes and their gear and to get out and do what they please, whether that be dance, jog, play or simply be themselves.

According to the brand website, the inspiration for the brand, unlike most other hard-core sportswear brands is a fluid world. What this means is that just like the youth of today are not confined to any one genre of activity or sport, their gear, in respect to what they wear should be multi-functional and multi-faceted too. This is the niche that Spunk seeks to fill. This is the space, from which they want to operate.

Which brings us to the latest release from the brand. Spunk has recently launched a new range of shoes, it hopes will become synonymous with the alternate youth scene of the day. Inspired specifically by the dynamic motion, and the multi-faceted-ness of the modern youth, who seeks to juggle multiple roles, genres and of course interests. Spunk believes in giving the youth a canvas, just as varied as their interests are. This is the reason behind the lively and funky colours these shoes will be available in.

But these shoes aren’t just pretty to look at, they’re packed with technology, that makes them comfortable, ergonomic for whole day wear and have excellent grip, for all the slips life may throw your way. For instance, the soles on these shoes are made from vulcanized rubber, yes the same stuff that gives your car tyres traction and grip, even in the most slippery conditions.

The brand hopes that these shoes will be a huge hit amongst their target audience and have definitely gone that extra mile, to make them available to the consumer. Priced extremely reasonably from Rs. 1699/- onwards, the brand’s new range of shoes, is going to be available at leading online retailers and multi-brand stores.