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Lenovo Yoga Pro 3: Attain Digital Nirvana in Style


Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

Remember when a cell phone weighed as much as a brick? Or when carrying a laptop around meant that you had to add comprehensive arthritis cover to your medical insurance? Or when tablets weren’t much more than a novelty item which doubled up as ridiculously large cell phones?  Today, the Uber Spotlight falls on a device which will prove once and for all, how very far we’ve come from those days.

Now there are devices that perform daily computing tasks well enough. Then there are devices that do all that with aplomb and a hint of style. The new Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 definitely does the latter! To flex our mental muscles before we get to know more about this ultra flexible Yoga laptop, let’s try a riddle. What do geeks and supermodels have in common? Think, think! They’re both obsessed with zeros! Jokes apart, the new Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 that debuted in Las Vegas at CES 2015, has more in common with Kate Moss than you’d believe.

For starters, like Ms. Moss is a showstopper for designers the world over, the Yoga Pro 3 was the showstopper for the Lenovo line at CES 2015. Second, just like Kate, this bombshell is ultra-slim. It is said to be nearly 17 percent thinner and 14 percent lighter than its predecessor, the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2. At 2.62lbs weight 0.5 inches thin, its been christened ‘The World’s Thinnest Convertible Laptop’. The comparisons don’t just end there; Ms. Moss’ well known preference for precious metals is mimicked by the Yoga Pro 3, available in an uber luxurious shade of champagne gold.

The shock and awe doesn’t end there. Did we mention that the Yoga Pro 3 is about as nimble as your Power Yoga instructor at the gym? Equipped with a unique ‘Watchband Hinge’ and capable of 4 distinct modes: Laptop, Tablet, Tent and Stand; this hybrid handles your computing tasks in any position you prefer. Now this is a machine, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi himself would covet, don’t you think?

Lenovo Yoga Pro 3_combined

The Yoga Pro 3 is an excellent device for consuming content. Its gorgeous QHD screen is capable of a jaw dropping resolution of 3200×1800, in a wide view display, and it also doubles up as a touchscreen. Pair that up with the awesome specs of the in-built JBL and Waves audio speakers, and you have the best possible device for work and play.

While the Pro 3 does sound like a beast in terms of entertainment, it is no slouch when it comes to upping your productivity stats. The nimble Intel Core M processor is known to save power and multitask effectively. Abundant battery life (up to 7.2 hours, claims the company) is made possible thanks to an enormous 44 wHR lithium-polymer battery pack. With 8GB of RAM and SSDs of up to 512 GB, the Yoga Pro 3, is equipped to blitz through any and all work and life tasks you throw in its path.

The mavens at Lenovo have built the Yoga Pro 3 around the Windows 8.1 Operating System. This means that thanks to live tiles customisation, this device can be utilised to its full potential in Tablet Mode. The familiar desktop format lends itself spectacularly well to the Laptop Mode as well. The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, customizes shortcuts, favourites and other helpful hints and suggestions based on your usage of features and apps on the device. This feature, called Yoga Harmony, takes personalisation to a whole new level.

The Lenovo Yoga Pro 3, is a stunning machine to have and hold, and functions just as well as a tablet as it does as a laptop. However, its jaw dropping price of Rs. 1,14,990 may put it out of reach for some. But then given its looks, versatility, cutting-edge specs and multiple user modes, it can be argued, that this new age marvel is completely worth the moolah. Check out the evolved beast in person, we bet you’ll come away impressed with this glimpse into digital nirvana.

Available exclusively at Lenovo’s Smart Connected Device Store, ( and select Croma outlets across the country.