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EazyDiner: Gourmet Made Eazy!


easy diner

Any foodie knows that showing up without a reservation at a fancy restaurant can only mean one thing, a really long wait! This is something the folks at EazyDiner are seeking to remedy. The app launched in early 2014 is pretty clear about the target audience they’re looking to engage, and that’s the well-dined foodie. Helmed by well-known gourmet and food critic, Vir Sanghvi and a team of similar entrepreneurs with a background in the food business. The app aims at making reservations easy as a few clicks.

EazyDiner originated (or so is the popular mythos) from one man’s inability to get a table at one of Delhi’s most posh establishments. Urban legend has it that this man (also known as Deepak Shahdadpuri, MD of Singapore based investment consortium DSG Consumer Partners) sniffed a business opportunity here and after a long conversation with friends, and future core team members, the app was born.

Incentivised Booking
One of the reasons EazyDiner is a great way to book a table at usually crowded fine dining establishment, is incentivisation of bookings. Imagine being unable to get a rezzie at your favourite posh eatery, you’ve tried slipping the concierge a tip, calling up the manager, even trying your otherwise impeccable political Connections to no avail. Why EazyDiner does for you is that it will, in a very short time, get you a reservation, with (and here’s the kicker) an incentive, like a free glass of wine, a free dessert, or even (in some cases) a discount on your meal. Like the tagline says, ‘no meal without a deal’. While extremely well entrenched in Delhi and coming up in Mumbai, the EazyDiner expansion is now being witnessed in Pune as well, with Bengaluru, the next centre of attention, say sources at the company.

Carving a niche
In the food business, Zomato, TinyOwl and FoodPanda have all made waves  with huge valuations and funding being thrown their way. While most of these apps deal in the home delivery, listings  and review space, the restaurant reservation space has seen precious little movement. This space was ripe for the  picking and EazyDiner today is definitely a pioneer in this space. While the  audience is definitely niche, the incentivisation of reservations seems to have caught the fancy of app users across the board.

Reviewed & Reliable
EazyDiner is an exceptional service  that enables subscribers to get a sense of the establishment they are about to  patronise, by providing accurate and trustworthy reviews of the joints, that are vetted by none other than gourmet Vir Sanghvi himself. So your taste buds can rest assured that what they’re being fed has been tasted and approved by the best in the business!
The experience of dining using EazyDiner is a fantastic one, with reservations as easy as a few clicks along with discounts, incentives and reliable reviews.