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Digital Display Solution Providers for Retail in India

It is increasingly evident that much of the success of customer engagement for store retail lies in the store display and in deploying cutting-edge display technologies to augment the in-store experience of customers. In the Indian context, the first step towards the eventual convergence of the digital and physical domains lies in digital display and signage technologies. Staticity is out, dynamism is very much in. We might soon inhabit a world where retail outlets look like Times Square in New York, with giant dynamic displays and even interactive interfaces. What a world that would be! Let’s take a look at a few interesting retail digital display solution providers in India.


Presenting at the Retail Leadership Summit 2015, organised by the RetaiSamsungl Association of India (RAI), Chetan Patnaik, Director, Samsung Enterprise Business, expressed how valuable a well-thought out display strategy could prove to retailers as the customer of today is both information-driven and experience driven. And huge, interactive and dynamic displays are what make for talking points and prove to be most attractive to customers. Samsung has been in the retail display field for the last 10 years and Samsung India provides an entire suite of solutions to retailers from devices to content management solutions to actual content management itself.

Some of Samsung’s notable offerings are: SL Series Semi-Outdoor 46 inch Displays, Ultra-thin Transparent Touch Displays, Flexible Tiled Video Wall solutions, SMART Signage Displays and the multi-touch SUR40 Tabletop Display.

LG largeLG

Established in 1958, the Korean-origin LG Electronics has been a leader in bringing us to the digital era. Known for their mobile devices and digital TVs, LG has a bouquet of offerings for retailers looking to make the digital display leap.

LG’s notable offerings include: EzSign TV (Combines TV and Digital Signage Functions), 47VT30 (5 point multi touch Monitor), 84-inch Large Screen Monitors, 47TS30MF (Transparent displays) and 38WR50 (Narrow stretched displays).

Delta Group

Delta India Electronics has been operating in India since 1992, and is a leading provider of Telecom Power SolutionsDelta Group and a major source of Industrial Automation, Display Solutions, UPS, DC Fans & Blowers, Components, Bio-medical, LED Lighting, Automotive electronics and Renewable Energy Products. According to Delta, ‘High end display solutions have established huge potential in terms of applications.’ Delta’s state-of-the-art energy-efficient displays can be customized in terms of size and applications.

Delta’s offerings include: rear projection lamp-based video wall displays, rear projection LED-illuminated video wall displays, LCD video wall displays and large LED Walls.


DreamartHeadquartered in Bengaluru, India, DreaMarT Interactive Pvt. Ltd. is a young company in the multimedia space and provides creative digital communication solutions. DreaMarT Interactive is their offering in Interactive Display Technology. Featuring an integration of software and hardware with customizable content, DreaMarT Interactive can turn a static decoration into a dynamic environment that responds to movement and can have myriad retail applications.