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A mile in those shoes… Stretch Yourself From Crocs


Borrowing from legendary American novelist Erich Segal, “what can you say about a pair of shoes? That they fit Ill? That they are the best things you ever did buy? That they’re so comfortable that you’re never going to take them off? Apparently all of these things and none of these things.” The only way to truly review a pair of shoes is to walk a mile in them, and today I’ve done just that.

One of the most common complaints you hear about shoes is that they are far too snug, or the fact that they do not stretch as much. Today’s review is about a pair that primarily stretches, and invites you to do the same. Crocs has come to be associated with colour, pop and comfort and is almost universally acknowledged as a name that is synonymous with youth, verve and energy. Trendy sneakers are a hallmark of this brand, and Crocs has consistently delivered on their brand promise. This collection is called ‘Stretch Yourself’ and Crocs seems to have gotten the plot right, yet again.

For starters, let’s talk about the build quality of these lightweight and incredibly stretchy shoes. Fabricated (as every pair of Crocs shoes are) with Croslite, a patented material, these shoes live up to the brand promise of soft, non-marking shoes, that fit even better than a sock and keep the feet fresh and ‘stress-free’ for long periods of time. The articulated outsole pods that move and flex with the feet, make these an ideal foil for a long day in the field, or for overnight travel.

Walking a mile in those shoes

As stated earlier, the only way to truly ‘review’ a pair of shoes, is to walk a mile in them, so that’s exactly what I did. So the review unit arrived just in time for our evening stroll. Upon unboxing the pair, the first thing I was most impressed with was how lightweight, yet sturdy they were. But just as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the proof of shoes, lay in the walking.

Easy to slip on and supremely comfortable. Two more brand promises delivered, this was going well. One thing that really stood out was the stretchiness of the canvas upper. The Croslite material combined with the insole was really supportive and comfortable. Considering the condition of most Mumbai streets, the terrain on which I walked on was sketchy at best, the strong outsoles though held their own and because they flexed with the movements of my foot, no undue stress was felt even when I hit a wobbly patch of asphalt a couple of time.

The fact that these shoes are quite trendily styled also meant that they garnered quite a few eyeballs. The fact that they were slip ons was another major convenience (I’ll be the first to admit, that not having to lace up is quite a treat).

Over the weekend I also wore them to a club and a friend’s birthday party and I’m happy to report that the ‘Nice Shoes, bro’ compliments kept flowing. So in essence Crocs did more than convince me to stretch myself, it also really kept me trendy, comfortable and stylish throughout.

The Stretch Yourself from Crocs is currently available in select cities and at select Crocs exclusive outlets only. It is priced at Rs. 5,295 for the women’s range, and Rs. 6,495 for the men’s range.