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World Tourism Day: 10 places around the globe Indians can visit without a Visa


I think it’s part of my personality – I love to travel; I love different cultures and philosophies and perspectives on things.” – Martin Henderson

Does the above quote put you in feels? Are you among the wandering souls bitten by that travel bug? Are you the crazy soul who always fantasize about the next adventure? And love to explore new cultures, traditions, and rituals. But your energy goes down when you think of visa application process. Well, what if we tell you that there are several countries in the world where you can travel visa-free with just Indian passports? Yes, just head to the airport buy your tickets and enjoy!


This is the country that neither requires visa nor passport. Indians can enter the country with just a photo identity issued by the government of India. The country is a haven for art lovers and adventure seekers alike. A UNESCO World Heritage Site Bhaktapur Durbar Square and the Bhaktapur Kingdom is a must visit. If you are into adventure, Annapurna Circuit is a must visit trek, it is considered as one of the best treks in the world which takes around 20 days to complete.

Hong Kong

The country is home to Disneyland, Ocean Park, and Lantau Island, among others. If you are a party animal Lan Kwai Fong, popular for its night-life, is a haven for you. One can stay in the country without a visa for 14 days.


No doubt this place is must visit for gaming and entertainment. With glamour, glitz, and entertainment Macau is a must in your travel wish list. The country is home to Portuguese colony for more than 300 years now and one can witness ancient Chinese temples with traditional Portuguese tiles on the streets. When in Macau, Macau Tower is a must visit place. The 1,109 feet tower gives you a panoramic view of the country.


The island country situated in the Caribbean Sea is the fourth largest island country in the Caribbean. Jamaica has a strong global presence when it comes to music. The island country is home to rainforests, beaches, mountains, and music. Musical genres like Reggae Mento, Dub, and Ska, among others, all originated here. Indians can stay here up to 30 days without a Visa.


The country doesn’t need a visa just a passport that is valid for the next six months. You are allowed to stay in the country for three months without a visa, post which you need to apply for one. Though the country suffered a massive earthquake in 2010, the nineteenth-century landmark is still intact.


No doubt the place is one of the beautiful places on earth with 2,100 islands. The country is home to ancient ruins, temples, lagoons, and beaches. Considering the country a remote, the natural surrounding is untouched and clean. One can stay here for 30 days without a visa. The popular attractions here are Nan Madol, Kepirohi Waterfall, and Tamilyog Trails.


This is the place where you can spend your longest vacations. Maybe six months? Yes, you can stay here for as long as six months that too without a visa. The country is home to rare flora and fauna, mountains and rainforests. Must visit places here are Cabrits National Park, Boiling Lake, Museum of Rum, Trafalgar Falls, Morne Diablotin National Park and Dominica Botanical Gardens.


Maldives is one the world’s geographically dispersed countries and also the smallest Asian country by both area and population. The country is home to nearly 1,200 islands. Gorgeous white-beaches, underwater world, and unrivaled luxury make the country a must-visit place.


Though tourism in Cambodia was exploded two decades, the country is today a popular destination for all kinds of folks. Cambodia is home to some of the beautiful tropical islands and historical urban centers. When here do check out the floating villages of Tonle Sap.

Cook Islands

Its blue lagoons and Aitutaki makes it a tourist hotspot. The place is popular for water sports from swimming to kayaking, one can unleash the water baby inside them. When at the Cook Islands one must visit their Saturday markets which also has live performances.