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Visit the Majestic, Magnificent, Magical Meghalaya


Like the name suggests, Meghalaya is known as abode of clouds. It is a popular monsoon destination. Meghalaya is blessed with natural beauty in abundance with lush green valleys and stunning flora and fauna. If you wish to indulge in sinful goodness of the exquisite North East, head over to Meghalaya and experience the best of travel and tourism.

Meghalaya is one of the Seven Sister States of North East India. It is a mountainous region with many rivers which keep flowing due to the constant rainfall. It is the wettest place on earth. It is compared to Scotland for its misty peaks and scenic appeal.

In order to reach Meghalaya you can opt for flights which ply to Guwahati which is the nearest airport to the capital Shillong since the state doesn’t have its own airport. This applies for railway route as well. Guwahati station is the closest option.

Some of the popular places to visit here are


The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is one of the best tourist destinations displaying its country side beauty. You can go around the various waterfalls like Bishop and Beadon Falls, Elephant Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls, Crinoline Falls. Also there are parks, museums, botanical gardens, a golf course and a cathedral to visit. It’s a complete tourism package.

The roaring Elephant Falls Picture Credits:

The roaring Elephant Falls
Picture Credits:

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Khasi Hills

It is the situated in the central part of Meghalaya. It is considered as one of the best hill stations in the country. There are many tourist attractions at Khasi to choose from. The most famous place to visit is Cherrapunjee. The star point of this place are the Tree Root Bridges.  Here the rainfall can be calculated in feet. It is a dense hilly range, best for trekking. It has a great variety of rare orchids and produces juicy oranges and pineapples. It is 56 km from the capital Shillong and is situated amidst gushing waterfalls. The other attractions are Umiam Lake, Mawsynram which is a huge stalagmite, Jakrem which is famous for its hot sulphur springs, and Dawki; a beautiful picnic spot.


Amazing Tree Root Bridge at Cherrapunjee
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The Jaintia Hills are an adventure spot for those seeking a thrill in travel. The famous places to explore are Thadlaskein Lake which is situated among the woods of oak or whispering pine. You can also visit Nartiang which has clusters of monoliths that are the tallest in the world. The Syndai Excursion Tours is also must if you are keen to look at some caves and caverns.

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The lush green valley of Jaintia Hills Picture Credits:

The lush green valley of Jaintia Hills
Picture Credits:

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Garo has some amazing places to visit while you continue your trip in Meghalaya. The Siju Cave rests on the cliff of the Simsang River in the south of Garo Hill district. It is locally called ‘Dobakhol” or the cave of bats. There’s also the Nokrek National Park which is a home to various wildlife species like wild elephants, rare exotic birds and pheasants. Other places which are worth a visit are Imilchang Dare which is a waterfall, Sisobibra, a place of historical importance and Rondang Falls.

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Amazing Siju Cave at Garo  Picture Credits:

Amazing Siju Cave at Garo
Picture Credits:

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There is no need of special entry permit. However, foreigners need to carry valid Visa for entry.

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