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Valentine’s Day 2018! Paris to Prague: 5 most romantic international destinations to celebrate Love


The love season is very much on. So, on this Valentine’s Day, don’t just sit at home and chill. Take your partner to the most romantic destination around the world and have some precious moments with them. This gift to them will be close to their heart and you will have some good memories. In this feature, we are bringing to you 5 most romantic international destinations where you can celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your Valentine.

France – Paris

It is said that Paris is the city of love and romance, so take your lover to this beautiful place and have a great time together. Paris has most historic history and it is very beautiful. So gaze at the Eiffel Tower with your partner and enjoy the tasty food on the street of Paris.

Italy – Positano

Italy on its own is very beautiful, but there is a village Positano, which is the best place when it comes to romance. The vibrant town is full of sea, mountains and breathtaking blue water. The buildings are old and it looks like it was created centuries ago, which makes it more beautiful. So shop, eat and sit on the beach with your loved one.

California – San Francisco

It is a romantic city for Americans, but for quite a few years, it is becoming a tourist attraction — it has good food and spectacular landscape. Hand-in-hand, walk around the golden gate bridge, where you will enjoy the vista pacific.

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Czech Republic – Prague

Entire Europe is beautiful, but Prague has its own place in beauty. The city has beautiful European architecture, which will leave you spellbound. You and your partner can walk around on the never-ending street, talking to each other in a quiet environment, away from all the hustle and bustle.

Greece- Santorini

Jaw-dropping Santorini is often ranked as one of the most romantic places on Earth. With spectacular sea view and caved houses, it is backed with blue doomed churches which shows the history of the city. It is a perfect romantic gateway for Valentine’s Day, for couples who are planning to celebrate love out of the country.


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