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Travel diaries: Taapsee Pannu has a beach fetish


The lively and lovely Taapsee Pannu tells Lipika Varma that she chases thrills and culture on vacation

Taapsee Pannu is in seventh heaven. Not only are all her films releasing one after the othe,r but are also clicking tremendously at the box office. Her latest film, Mulk which has enjoyed a great run at the theatres, has also been critically acclaimed. Of course she also knows how to balance her passion for cinema, with her thirst for travel…

Childhood regulars

During our childhood days we would usually travel to Shimla, Nainital and Manali etc. In fact, travelling regularly to these spots, I had developed a dislike for travelling to mountainous places! Slowly and gradually, being in this profession of glitz and glamour, I have understood the importance of travelling.

Beauty and the beach, Taapsee in Barcelona

Mixing work and play

My work has given me opportunities to travel to various countries and cities, both national as well as international. But owing to hectic work schedules, we would not be able to enjoy exploring these places. I then decided to work on my travel dates. I would stay back after the shoot got over. My personal holiday would depend on the number of days that I would need to complete my visit to that particular country, roughly three to five days.

Recent haunts

Since I developed an interest in travelling to various countries, I started buying books which updated me on the do’s and don’ts of various places. Lately I visited Athens and Scotland. I bought a few things from Scotland but no, I did not buy the kilts or checked skirts which boys wear in Scotland!

When in Rome

I travelled to Rome recently. I do not care to click pictures at the monuments; I am more attracted to the place as I have a keen interest to know more about local things… What is the culture of that place and how do they behave? I also like to know about the rituals of any country. Clicking a photograph standing next to a historical monument is not my cup of tea. I am of the opinion that there is no logic in doing so. I found the people of Rome to be very beautiful and good-looking. They also helped me find a few destinations easily.

The Mulk actress in Madrid

Seeking thrills

More than buying bags or shoes or other things, I have a fetish about beaches. I am working on my travel bucket list that includes world beach destinations. I am also interested in going bungee jumping between two mountains. I have tried normal bungee jumping before, but I am yet to try doing it in a valley between two mountains. I am longing to get that thrill. I have also done sky diving and rafting. I have hoarded loads of fridge magnets from every country I have visited – this penchant is visible at home on my fridge!

Travel companion

My sister and I love to travel together. We both like to taste the different food of that particular place. We are interested in knowing more about the locality and the people, how they live, their culture etc. While my parents always like to visit historical monuments and click snaps there, we both dislike all of that. I don’t think we will ever travel to foreign destinations with our parents, as our travel tastes vary tremendously. At the most, we can visit some of our relatives with our parents, but not while seeking adventure thrills. We love adventure!

Next up

I am planning to visit Miami, but everything depends on the number of days required to travel to a particular place.