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Take in the magnolious beauty of Mirik

Mirik is a blend of the English era and a leisure destination amidst scenic mountains in the abode of Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. A place unexplored, and a journey that unravels a jewel. Gauge the vibrant tea estates or capture the snow capped peaks of Kanchenjunga, at Mirik you will only find peace and serenity. You can take in the mesmerizing reflections at Sumendu Lake or admire nature at Tingling point; this place has a lot more than just tourism to offer.

Tea Estate at Mirik Picture credits:  Suprabhat Ganguly / Facebook

Tea Estate at Mirik
Picture credits: Suprabhat Ganguly / Facebook

In order to reach Mirik, you can take flights to Bagdora which is the nearest airport, about 55 km from here. If you wish to take the rail route, the nearest stations are Ghoom (41 km), Darjeeling (49 km) and Siliguri (52 km).

Mirik Lake

It is the main attraction here and has a lot of options for a tourist to explore. It is also known as Sumendu Lake and is a 1.25 km natural source of fresh water. It is full of water all around the year. The west part of the lake has a forest of dhupi trees while the east side has a garden to enjoy this natural set up. This garden was once a field used by the British to play polo. Both these parts are joined by an arch footbridge which is 80 ft long. The lake offers activities like paddle boating, horse riding and fish feeding. The peaks of Kanchenjunga are clearly visible from here.

Sumendu Lake Picture credits: Benoy / Wikipedia

Sumendu Lake
Picture credits: Benoy / Wikipedia

Devi Sthan

It is a temple complex at the western bank of the lake, deep into the forest which has idols of many gods and goddesses. The complex consists of other small temples too, dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha and others. During springtime many devotees assemble here to celebrate Basanta Utsav.

Bokar Monastery

The other most attractive place at Mirik is the Bokar Monastry. It is located at an altitude of 5,800 ft. The monastery can be easily spotted from the lake. The distance from Sumendu Lake is about 2.5 km which is a 30 min walk uphill. But you can opt for a local taxi as well. Being situated on a high altitude, the view from the monastery is soothing for the eyes. The monastery was founded by Kyabje Bokar Rinponche in 1984. The ambiance here is spiritual and serene, perfect for those seeking solitude.

Bokar Monastery Picture credits:

Bokar Monastery
Picture credits:

Tingling Viewpoint

Like the name suggests, the place offers a tantalizing view of the tea estates which are layered on the sides of the hills. The name of this viewpoint is derived from a tea estate known as ‘Tingling’.

Tingling Viewpoint Picture credits: Subir Bose / Flicker

Tingling Viewpoint
Picture credits: Subir Bose / Flicker

Orange Orchards

You might not be aware, but Mirik is the largest source of orange supply in West Bengal.

Orange Orchards Picture credits:

Orange Orchards
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Kawley Dara and Rameetay Dara are the two viewpoints here which offer a pleasant view of sunrise and sunset.

The other places to visit around Mirik include Rai Dhap which is a famous picnic spot and also a source of drinking water to the locals and Lepchajagat, a reserved forest for those who wish to explore the wildlife here.

A place so virgin, so fragile is a huge responsibility. In order to maintain the purity of a place like Mirik, Free Press Journal requests its readers to take an initiative in keeping these places clean.