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Six best winter treks in Maharashtra


Winter is the time that all the trekking enthusiasts wait for says RUBINA KHAN who without much ado lists out six happening treks in Maharashtra.

The Sahyadris are considered to be virtual paradise for trekking, climbing and camping. Its historical forts with Rocky Mountains and craggy landscape along with huge lakes make Shayadris one of the best trekking places ever. Mountain provides you a wide number of choices to all the visitor with its outdoor adventures. Here are our best of 6 trekking spot where one can take full advantage of the fort and embrace the nature.


It is a famous picnic spot located around 30 kilometres from Pune and 4320 feet about the sea level.   The fort is famous for its one day trekking and the best weekend getaways near Pune. The fort is huge and one can hang out and enjoy all day long in an open area. One can also enjoy hiking as you can reach at the top of the fort by climbing a huge mountain. At the top of the fort there are couple of food stalls, where you can enjoy the traditional food items of Maharashtra like Pithala – Bhakari, Kanda – Bhaji etc. Enjoying the sunset and sunrise at Sinhagad is one of the incredible experiences.


It is  located at Nagar district (Igatpuri Taluka) and considered to be the highest peak Sahyadri Mountain range. Kalsubai trek nearly at the height of 1646ft   from the sea level and is a dream of every avid trekker to climb at least once. Kalsubai is a part of the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary which is spread from Kalsubai to Harishchandragad in Akola.

Lohagadraigad trek

Situated nearly 3450 feet high near Lonavala is a part of Western Ghats considered to be one of the most prominent fort built by Shivaji Maharaj. Some parts of the forts has many structures build by the people ruled it, water tanks, temples , structures of the goddesses etc are mostly found in there.  The fort has always been an eye-catching to the tourists residing across Mumbai and Pune.


Tikona for is located at the height of 3500ft from sea level in Maharastra near Kamshet ( Maval region). Tung fort is the clone fort of Tikona it resembles a lot to it.

To reach the Tikona fort one must head towards Lonavala and from Lonavala to Kamshet. You can hire a local guide from Kamshet who will lead you further to Gavhande Village which is meant as Tikona Peth. The base of the village is the point form where the actual trek begins.  To reach the top of the fort it hardly takes 1 ½ hour.

The Entrance of the fort has attractive view; the huge entrance door makes you irresistible by taking pictures. One can also enjoy the Trimbakeshwar temple, caves, lake surrounding the fort and the view of Lohagad and Tung fort.


Korigad is located near Amby valley and very near to the popular Tung Fort.  Korigad is also known as Kumwarigad. This fort is located about 25 km away from Lonavala in Pune district, Maharashtra. One must take a route via Peth Shahpur as it is much easier for those who are visiting it for the first time and it takes not more than an hour to reach to the top of the fort. Korigad Fort is surrounded by beautiful valleys. The main attractions at Korigad fort are the caves and ponds. So as one can enjoy the few other attractions like [Korlaidevi temple and Ganesh temple] based at the fort.

Lohagad top viewRaigad

Raigad fort is considered to be very extravagant and an ideal for camping. Raigad fort situated at the Raigad district and 2700ft above the sea level. It takes approximately 1 ½ hour to reach to the top. For an experience trekker it should take an hour. The trek is amazing if done at night, it’s scary but safe. If you’re planning to trek in the night, ensure that you have good flash light with you.  One must also be careful of crawling creatures and if you wish to stop and take a break you must keep away from sitting in and around corners, to be secure from crawling creatures.

To reach at the top of the Fort, one can go for ropeway who are scared or having less of experience in trekking .The main attractions are Market place, Holicha Mal, Hirkani Buruj Takmak Tok, Jagdishwar Temple, Samadi of Shivaji Maharaj and Waghya (Shivaji Maharaj’s dog), throne of Shivaji Maharaj, queens’ palace and Meena Darvaja.