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Have you explored ‘Pandavleni’ yet?



We are surrounded by certain unexplored places which are a beauty within itself. Pandavleni is one such place which falls in Nashik, Maharashtra. It is a chain of 24 caves of the Buddhist era. Do not get fooled by the name, it has nothing to do with the Mahabharata. It is easier to get there by road. It is a very much undiscovered beauty which deserves a visit.

Pandavleni mountain

A view of the caves situated on mountain top

Pandavleni is situated in the mountains which roll along Nashik Road. It is divided into three parts- The caves, Dadasaheb Phalke Museum, and the Buddhist Shrine.The journey to the caves is a through a pathway created between the mountains. It could be tiring but is worth the adventure. The rates are quite affordable as Rs.10 per person.

Pandavleni Stairs

Stairs that lead you to the caves

The beauty of the caves will make you wonder of how was it possible to build such massive caves at the edge of mountains. The arena is peaceful and the view is pure magic of nature. You can spend time in and out of the caves, take pictures, or just enjoy the birds and squirrels.

Pandavleni view

View from the top of caves

On your way down you will see the Buddhist Shrine which has a huge golden idol of Buddha. The place is very peaceful where every sound you make is echoed.

Buddhist Shrine

Buddhist Shrine at Pandavleni

As you stroll ahead there is a garden where kids and adults both have a great time on the swings, slides, see-saws and much more. There is a large fountain which has an open theatre by its side where music videos are screened. When the lights go down the place looks like stars have descended on earth.

Pandavleni Fountain

Open Air theater beside water fountains

Towards the end is Dadasaheb phalke museum showcasing a beautiful display of portraits of the posters of evergreen movies. There is also an underground library below the shrine. As you move out there are stalls selling street food like chaats, beverages, soft drinks and other packaged snacks.

Pandavleni Dome

Underground Library below the shrine

The place has a very distinctive essence of history and modern art clubbed together to make your experience worth the visit and all of it at a reasonable price.

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