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Gold actress Mouni Roy shares her travel tales!


Mouni Roy shares her travel tales with Lipika Varma

Mouni Roy has been a huge hit on television and now she is making waves in Bollywood with her big film debut in Gold . “My first film has been successful. I’m happy and honoured that the audiences have loved the film. Yes, being in this profession I love one thing the most – that I get to travel and explore places!” She adds, “I am looking forward to my next film, RAW which is with John Abraham. Like Akshay sir, John sir too is very humble and grounded. This is what I have first learnt from Bollywood – that these actors are not only simple, but are so helpful as well.”

Here are some excerpts from her travel talk…

Early start

I started travelling very early at the age of 19. I crave to explore different places. You could easily say that I am a thorough travel freak. I also like to get to know people and places. So whenever we go on a shoot, I take the privilege of taking a day off and do all this to my heart’s content.

London learning

I was keen to understand the culture and food of the place. While we were on a shoot, I never allowed my assistant to rest. We did the usual Tower of London, Museum, Buckingham Palace. The most enchanting thing I got to see and visit were the Mummies of ancient Egypt. I also loved gazing at the London Tower.
While in Malaysia recently when we were shooting we went trekking. We visited various monasteries and also enjoyed rafting.

Shopping storm

I do not like to shop in bits and pieces; I keep one entire day for shopping. Right from bags, to shoes, to ear rings and studs, I shop like crazy. Of course, I also shop for clothes.

Loving keepsakes

I try to bring things for my mom as well. Usually, she fires me if I get many things for her. Her favourite accessory is bags, so I try to bring her bags and also things like petite jewellery which she likes. Like every mother, she advices me to save money instead of buying things for her. This time when I went to Bulgaria for my shoot for Brahmastra, I brought a suitcase full of things for all my friends and relatives as all of them look forward to some gift from me whenever I travel. Doing such shopping is not possible every time but yes, whenever I get some time and take a full day off, I go ahead and buy some favourite things for friends and relatives. I love to keep all of them happy as well.

Bag it

I had visited Munich recently. Unfortunately, I had no time to explore the place owing to my busy schedule.  I bought myself a black bag from the Munich airport.

Bulgaria buying

My favourite pastime is reading. I had visited the local shops in Bulgaria. I also bought merchandise and the Harry Potter books. Alongside, I also purchased some travel books that explain and help explore more of Bulgaria.

Spa session

During IIFA in Bangkok, we went to a spa which was across the other side of the hotel where we lived. We had to row across to the other side of the river and enjoyed the spa boat ride. It was a memorable experience. IIFA weekend was very hectic. We had to prepare for our stage performances and sleep the whole day to recoup our energy. It was fun though!