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Enjoy Music of Joy at Sahaja Meditation in Vietnam


M B Ratnannavar takes a musical sojourn to the beautiful city of Vietnam.

Music of Joy, an orchestra team from Australia, in association with Vietnam Sahaja Meditation Collective organised several programs in cities Da Lat, Danang, Hanoi, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh from 4th to 14th July 2016.

The MOJ Group of 40 members consisted 8 singers, four guitar players, three drum players (table, dholak & djembe), saxophone, flute with group leader John Smiley playing Harmonium and also singing and others for supporting roles. All the members with different backgrounds, practising Sahaja meditation, with the blend of music in their veins join the MOJ tours every year, spending their own money. Three members from India, one from Mumbai and two from Indore were also part of the team to enjoy the MOJ.  The group enthralled the audience with their music at all the 3

Vietnam is a beautiful agro-based country with greenery everywhere.  Gardens with greenery can be seen at every nook and corner of roads and also along highways. One cannot miss this green scenery with trees and flowers in Vietnam. The Group enjoyed the beauty of Vietnam by visiting tourist attractions at all the cities.

John Smiley, a professional Music Teacher in Sydney Australia and Sahaja Meditation practitioner, leads the ‘Music of Joy’ (MOJ). He said, “This is the fifth time that we have come to Vietnam. This is a country with loving people and interesting tourist sites, we selected for MOJ. Earlier we had MOJ programs in major cities of China, Taiwan, Japan, Phillipines, Malaysia, India, Nepal, New Caledonia and New Zealand”, and continued “Our tour covers either one country with several cities or major cities of different countries. This is our sixth MOJ tour”.

The Sahaja Meditation for Self-Realisation founded by Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi, appears to be seriously taken up by Australian practitioners. One of the Singers Ms Pauline (54) said that she received self-realisation while studying for Arts and Painting in the University. She was drawn into singing fo MOJ by coincidence after self-realisation.

The Group organised several programs that included three in Ho Chi Minh, one in Da Lat, one in Danang, two in Nha Trang and two in Hanoi. The programs at FPT University and city’s popular Trong Dong Palace Convention Centre at Hanoi and ISchools at Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, were a grand success. Every program received positive response with audience dancing the tunes of music.

The songs in Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, English and Vietnamese with sound of music from instruments not only attracted the audience to dance but also made them to enjoy their self-realisation. When asked by John Smiley whether any one experienced the flow of cool or warmness in the limbic area, most of the audience raised their hands to express their positive response. This happened in almost all the programs.

The group Invoking Ganesha with Ganesha Ganesha song, and English song “You are in heart of Universe”, and other songs made the listeners to clap continuously with drum hits. With the Marathi song Jogwa, Udhey ga Ambe Udhey, they started to dance with actions for inner energy awakening.

travel 4Some of the students at the FPT University at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh were in a mood to understand more on the inner energy awakening to get cool vibrations. At the iSchool programs, the Principal and Vice-Principal were present to enjoy the MOJ and seen clapping to the music tunes.

At Da Lat, it took a few minute walk from our Doi Mong Mo resort  to reach Valley of Love, where we could see various flowers, various rides for children as also for adults.  Some of us had  fish massage (cost 30,000 Dong each) there. Other visits included Cable car ride and Buddhist Temple, Museum and waterfalls at Khu Du Lich Thau Datnala. Here one has to go deep walk down to reach bottom of the water falls or use the roller coaster ride to go down and come up cost 40,000 Dong each).

Danang is in the centre of Vietnam where all the Sahaja meditation practitioners from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh gathered to perform Guru Puja to worship H H Mataji Nirmala Devi. All the yogis enjoyed the flow of vibrations.

At Hanoi visit by boat to the UNESCO declared World Natural Heritage site Ha Long Bay (300 km) and lunch on the boat and shopping.

Nha Trang, an island with white sandy beaches around, the group enjoyed the Mud Bath at Cong Vein Khoang Mineral Water Park, where one has to bath in warm muddy water, followed by intravel 2 mineral water fountain, warm water pond, also if necessary under the waterfalls.

Without shopping how can the visit to Vietnam be complete. The group enjoyed shopping too in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities purchasing hand-made artefacts of Vietnam.

Hung Lee (25) said that he is completely transformed now with Sahaja meditation. He was one of the youth addicted to heavy smoking, drugs and in this state I met with a major accident, I don’t know how I survived.  But it gave me second life to understand inner energy and inner peace through Sahaja meditation. I am very happy now.”

“We have a few people (around 50) here in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi practicing Sahaja Meditation and we meet once a week for collective meditation. This has benefited us immensely,” said Ms Van Giang, coordinator in Vietnam.

On the next Tour of MOJ, John Smiley said, “Our next tour will be in India. We are in talk with Indian Coordinators. Our plan to visit New Delhi, Nirmal Dham, NOIDA Prem Ashram, Nagpur, Chindwara, Indore, Pune, Jambut and Mumbai.”