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Best Restaurants and Pubs in Goa


Goa the land of fun times with friends and family. The number one destination in India when you want to soak up some sun and catch the waves. Friendships are renewed, new ones are made in the great state of Goa which is an exquisite blend of Indian and Portuguese culture. Goa is also home to some delectable cuisines from the Indo-European mouth-watering food to the elusive Konkan coast seafood delights. When in Goa, it is more than just parties, it is an gastronomical journey into some of the world’s best restaurants and pubs.

Partygoers or just leisure travellers need to hit these top spots in Goa for a meal of a lifetime.

Antares Restaurant & Beach Club

Located near the pristine beaches of Ozran in North Goa, Antares Restaurant and Beach Club is a must visit during your vacation. Rent a car in Goa in advance to the restaurant which is situated atop a hill overlooking a mesmerizing sight of the Arabian Sea. Goa’s rich history with seafood comes to the plates of patrons at Antares and the ingredients are sourced fresh from local sustainable farms. In Goa. It even features a customized kids’ menu making it a wholesome family place to visit.

Blue Planet Café

The vegan trend catches up in Goa at The Blue Planet Café which is located in an eco-friendly accommodation resort in Agonda. The award-winning restaurant is located in a tranquil space with a lovely staff who are known for their incredible hospitality. Vegetarian travellers need not fret on a trip to Goa anymore as they can make a quick pitstop at this café.

Go With The Flow

Baga is one of the most tourist-friendly beaches in goa so it is no surprise that one of the best restaurant cum pubs is located here. It has a full bar as well with an outdoor seating and is great for a romantic meal or for any other special occasion

Ourem 88

Travellers swear by the Beef Wellington and the Chorizo at Ourem 88 which is located in the sound end of Palolem Beach. The cuisine served here is mostly European and British which also provides Gluten Free options if necessary. It has outdoor seating with a great atmosphere for a lovely meal and a drink

Club Cubana

Travellers with party on their mind must hit Club Cubana in Arpora Hill, Arpora. It is known as the ‘Nightclub in the Sky’ and is one of the hottest places in Goa to grab a drink and hit the dance floor.

Whether you are a food connoisseur or in the mood for some great, ravenous food, Goa satiates everyone who is looking for a meal. Finding taxi in goa to zip your way to the best spots in the state is easy as it is affordable and convenient to find. You can even hire a private cab and travel across the entire state in a couple of days.

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