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5 Reasons You Should Go to Leh and Ladakh for your Honeymoon


Are you planning your honeymoon and confused where to go? Confused on which trip with your partner will be more memorable – Switzerland or Malaysia? Why not consider going to some place within India, which will be equally, if not all the more special? Head to Leh-Ladakh for an unforgettable experience, here are some reasons why you should go! –

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  • Natural Beauty – Be it the extremely scenic Pangong lake or sand dune landscape with the backdrop of snow-clad mountains at Nubra Valley, Ladakh is immensely beautiful. Spending time with your loved one while being surrounded by such mesmerizing natural beauty will seem like a dream come true. Isn’t that exactly what you want for your honeymoon? The picturesque destination of Leh-Ladakh is surely a paradise for honeymooners with the pleasure doubling when accompanied with a partner who loves nature as much as you do and gives you an amazing opportunity to bond with him/her. Check out the many Ladakh honeymoon packages offered by Tripshelf and get started with the planning for a trip of a lifetime!


  • Unique Cuisine – Trying out lip-smacking Tibetan and Ladakhi cuisine will surely be fun when doing so with your favorite fellow foodie. From trying out the cheese made of Yak’s milk, super tasty Momos and Thukpa to the must-try Butter Tea, it’ll surely be a super satisfying trip not only for the two of you but also for your stomachs! When in Leh-Ladakh, also do try out the Qahwa tea –  a delicious drink made of saffron and cinnamon in addition to many other beneficial ingredients, Tigmo – a kind of fermented and steamed bread served with veg/non-veg stew and Thenktuk – another version of the Thukpa. These are all dishes that one definitely must try out during their visit to this beautiful area. It’s almost a crime not to!


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  • Cultural Heritage – Out of the many places where you can take a look at and purchase unique handicrafts and souvenirs such as carpets and various jewellery from, the Leh market is something the two of you must definitely visit, especially if you’re both lovers of textile and culture. Leh’s main Bazaar Road has multiple shops selling such interesting handicrafts while the road running parallel to it has the Shar market where you can buy traditional Ladakhi dresses from. You should also try and listen to the traditional music of Ladakh especially during various Ladakhi Buddhist monastic festivals. It often includes religious chanting and promises to be a unique experience in itself.

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  • Spiritual Satisfaction – If your partner and you are individuals with a spiritual bent of mind, a trip to the enchanting beauty of this region coupled with a visit to the numerous monasteries here is sure to help you relax and cleanse your mind and soul. Hemis, Alchi, Thiksey Gompa, Lamayuru, Phugtal, and Spituk are some of the many monasteries that one can visit for a peaceful spiritual journey. Apart from these, there is also a famous Sikh shrine here, which is 20 km. away from Leh called the Gurdwara Pathar Sahib that is managed by the Indian Army and also makes for a must visit in your quest for experiencing tranquillity like never before.

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  • Thrill – Are you an adventure seeking couple? Leh-Ladakh is well known for some of the most amazing treks – smaller ones to lower ranges and longer ones with base camps at Nubra valley or Ladakh range as well as for activities such as rafting in Zanskar Lake. You can also opt to camp by taking along your own tent to these treks and enjoying your lone bonding time together!

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Convinced? Grab your backpacks and start packing for an extremely memorable honeymoon that will be a trip like no other. Also, do check out the many Ladakh honeymoon packages while finalizing to make sure you make the most of this sure to be an amazing trip.

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