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5 must visit treks around Goa


Rubina Khan discovers five spectacular treks in the in Goa

For so many years I have been exploring Goa, the land of beaches, which is a perfect weekend gateway for people staying across country. But apart from beaches and churches, Goa and its nearby villages offer excellent trekking options for adventure junkies. Here are some of the best treks to explore.

Netravali Trek

Netravali is one of the most adventurous trek, it has multiple waterfalls, but we opted for the Savari waterfall in Kali River Basin, at east of Goa, Sanguem Taluka.

Pali waterfalls

It is a 5-km trail to the falls. We walked through the complex trail, with the help of a local guide. On the way, you will see green paddy fields, muddy trails, along with beautiful flora and fauna. After reaching the Savari waterfall, you would notice that the fall is divided into two layers. The first layer is about 20 feet high, and the second one is the 40 feet. You can reach the base of the fall, but it is risky because of force of the water fall. The pond adjacent to the waterfall was cold and crystal clear. We climbed the peak and were smitten with the scenic view.

Pali waterfall Trek


Pali waterfall is one of the most beautiful and offbeat trails. Also known as Shivling falls, this one is situated in a small village called Valpoi in Goa and is a paradise for trekkers and hikers. Pali falls is in one of the most dense forest areas of Goa. The terrains and space is very challenging, but nature lovers would enjoy the 6-km long trail. To reach the fall we had to cross the slippery and rocky path, waddle our way through bushes and thorns, small streams and muddy roads slowed us down further. After reaching the magnificent fall, the misty spray of water refreshed us, helping us get over tiredness as we enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings.

Kuskem Waterfall

Kuskem waterfall in Canacona taluka in South Goa, is located in the idyllic Kuskem village, and is situated at a distance of 7-km from the village. Kuskem is not as famous as Dudhsagar or Pali waterfalls, but we thought of giving it a try. The best time to visit this fall is in monsoon. The fall is nearly 20-feet high and the waterfall from a patronising spring leaves a clear dive of milky water.

Hivrem Waterfall

Hivrem village is situated 75-km away from Panjim in the Sattari taluka. From the village of Hivrem we could see the Sahyadri Mountains. The peaks of the mountains blend with the sky and gave a feeling of the mountain floating on a sea of green fields. And in the middle of the mountain lies the Hivrem waterfall. The trek is tough and difficult compared to others and it has 45 minutes of rough, slippery climbing. There are three waterfalls, but exhaustion from the tough surroundings got better of us and we managed to see only two. After reaching the top we could see the Hivrem waterfall. The cooling force of the water makes one puff with pleasure as the lengths of the energetic workout are washed away with the water.

Hivrem waterfall

Dudhagar Trek

There are many treks in Goa, but the best one is the trail to Dudhsagar, and the trek starts from the base of the waterfall itself. Usually people get down at castle rock and walk through the waterfalls, whereas we got down before the castle rock station, where the train had stopped for a minute, and walked through the forest to enjoy the beauty of the forest. It was a 5-km trail from where we got down. The dense forest of the western ghat with beautiful view of the mountains and the streams passing is a mesmerising sight. When we walked through the trails we saw the spectacular and magnificent mountain surrounded by the waterfall. The fall, at 310 meters is one of the highest falls. We didn’t get a permission to hike till the top as the force of the water was too much, but we managed to make our way to the bottom of the fall. The crystal-clear water and the milky cascade was glorious sight. I would consider it to be the best hiking experience ever.

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