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5 Most Romantic Escapes in Nainital


Romance and Nainital are so convolutedly interwoven that “Go to Nainital” happens to be one of the most common ‘expert advice’ I received while planning for my honeymoon. This fame, however, is earned and not bestowed. Nainital offers so many places for the couple to leave the world behind that it is often better not to go to Nainital for a romantic escapade than to go for a short while.

Nainital Lake

The place got its name from this lake, but that is less important when romance is in the air. This is one of the most romantic places to proclaim your love to your beloved. The Kumaon mountain range surrounds the lake, and the crystal blue water of the lake reflects it graciously. Boats are available for renting readily, and you can easily paddle, row or yacht to the middle of the lake, leave the world behind and watch her and the incredible shoreline around, together.

Naina Peak

Don’t confuse it with Naini Peak. Still, it is as beautiful and romantic as Naini Lake is. Naina Peak to Nainital is what Tiger Hill is to Darjeeling, they both are there to give you an unobstructed view of the majestic, snow-clad Himalayan peaks. Additionally, you can catch a glimpse of the skyline of the Nainital city as well, but I would not bother with the concrete when nature has so much to offer here.

The most romantic adventure here takes a little sacrifice of your sleep, wake up before sunrise, walk to the peak (don’t worry, you will find many 4 star hotels in Nainital nearby) and then watch the sun coming out from between those Himalayan peaks. Hold hands together and utter the vow of unity, once more.

SnowView Point

This is the oldest tourist place in Nainital and also the most popular one. Not only the destination but the journey to SnowView Point is equally memorable and quite romantic. Connected to the main city via a rope-way which is passing over the forest. The milieu is surrounded by the Himalayas, from where one can expect majestic views of nearby peaks like Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi. It is open from 10 to 5, and pretty much everything is there on the mini-peak so you can simply go there and spend some quality time.  One thing, if you want to avoid the rope-way, you can trek to this point, in fact, you can even drive to the top.

Bhimtal Lake

Named after Bhim from Mahabharata, this lake is smaller than Naini lake. It is not visited by many couples, which is precisely why you should visit this. If you love serenity and peacefulness, this is the one that cannot be skipped. Try finding a lovely spot where you can sit side by side and watch your future (figuratively here, please) in that blue, calm water of Bhim Lake. I learned about this place from a blog on Yatra, which I often check for my future trip ideas, before my first trip to Nainital.

Mall Road Shopping

There are shopping malls, banks, hotels, restaurants and what not but the attraction of Mall Road is really on the road where shops entice you with their offerings on both the sides. Couples would love to shop here, and given the options to shop, it will be sundown before you head back to your hotel!

Romance is always related to youth. I call it a mistaken idea because these ideas can be tried by the second honeymooners quickly. Moreover, love can strike anytime, anywhere so if it does, don’t forget to try these areas out, if your romantic heaven is chosen to be Nainital. There are hotels in Nainital for every budget, and it is well connected with the rest of India, so travel or accommodation, both aren’t factors.