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Whimsical white water rafting in India


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Most of us have been on a vacation which is mostly about sightseeing and hardly involves any kind of engaging activity. So if you’re bored of the same mundane luxury, and wish to explore the thrill, bring out the hidden adventurer in you. White water rafting is the perfect indulgence to experience nature at its best. With an epic landscape and roaring milky cascades, rafting is an utterly exciting water sport definitely worth a try.

It has emerged as a popular activity in India and has flagged itself across many rivers in the country. Rafting is done by sitting in an inflatable raft and rowing against the mighty turbulence of rivers. This whimsical sport is done on varied levels known as rapids. These rapids are classified into grades which suggest the difficulty of the rafting area.

Grade 1– Very small rough areas
Grade 2– Slightly more rough areas than grade 1
Grade 3– Small waves and small drop but not too dangerous
Grade 4– Medium waves and rocks, considerable drop
Grade 5– Large waves, large volume, large rocks and a large drop
Grade 6– Difficult level with huge rocks, huge waves and substantial drops.
Grade 7– Ultimate level only for experienced rafters

Ganga- Rishikesh

It is considered as world’s best river for white water rafting. The rapids here have a vivid range. With rich whirlpools, it has seen the likes of Brad Pitt too! There are 13 rapids with some really striking names such as Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, Three Blind Mice, Double Trouble, Tee Off and Golf Course. The place is a heavenly combination of scenic mountains and white sand river beaches.

Rapids: Grade 1 to 4

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Bhagirathi- Uttarakhand

With an exquisite location that has charming villages and creamy sands, Bhagirathi has pure white waters to enhance your thrill. It has rapids like Elephant Rock, The Chute, Sharp S and Confluence rapids. Moving a little more ahead it has Daniel Dip and The Wall.

Rapids: Grade 3 and 4

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Tons- Uttarakhand

The Tons River flows through Garhwal and is the biggest tributary of River Yamuna. However, Tons has more water than Yamuna itself and has some great rapids. It is considered as one of the most challenging river rafting destinations. The major rapids in the river are On the Horns of the Tons, Tons Squeeze, Khuni Gad Rapid, Confluence and Tuni Bazaar.

Rapids: Grade 3 and 4

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Kundalika- Maharashtra

Located in the Western Ghats of Sahyadri River, Kundalika enters Kolad where a dam is constructed to control the turbulence of the river. It is an ideal location for river rafting in Maharashtra and offers a moderate variety of rapids suitable for all.

Rapids: Grade 2 and 3

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Barapole- Karnataka

Located in Coorg, River Barapole offers a major chunk of thrill. The stretches for rafting here are divided in two parts.

Rapids: Grade 4 and 5 for upper section and grade 6 and 7 for lower section

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Indus- Ladakh

Surrounded by deep gorges, snow capped peaks and hilltop monasteries, nothing falls in comparison with the Indus River which is known as ‘Singhe Khababs’ or ‘Out of the Lion’s Mouth’. With its stunning visual appeal, rafting here offers an unforgettable experience.

Rapids: Grade 2 and 3

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Zanskar- Ladakh

It is the tributary of River Indus that offers a mighty swirl in its icy cool waters. The gorgeous surroundings and landscapes make it one of the memorable places for rafting in India.

Rapids: Grade 3 and 4

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Teesta- Sikkim

This rugged water body is the main river of Sikkim and has a series of rapids with varying intensity. Rangit is a turbulent tributary of Teesta which is a challenging spot for experienced rafters. With an outstanding beauty and landscape this river is hard to miss for adventure enthusiasts.

Rapids: Grade 1 and 3 in low waters and Grade 4 at Rangit

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Lohit- Arunachal Pradesh

It is a spectacular adventure point in the North East. The Lohit River flows through Arunachal Pradesh and is a lesser known river for water sports. It is excellent for those looking for a moderate river expedition.

Rapids: Grade 4 and 5

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Spiti- Himachal Pradesh

The Spiti River flows magnificently and is one of the best rafting spots for those seeking a thrill. You can spend a minimum of 6 days in the river and enjoy rafting to the fullest. It will take you through the glitzy glaciers and pristine villages as you witness the divine valleys of Himachal Pradesh.

Rapids: Grade 2 and 3

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