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Rahul cut off from reality, says Jaitley


Arun JaitleyArun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi
Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi:  BJP leader Arun Jaitley Monday took a dig at Rahul Gandhi over his remarks that Congress would improve its 2009 tally in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, contending the Congress vice president was “completely cut off from reality.”

In an article on BJP’s website, Arun Jaitley also attacked the Congress over reports that some of its senior leaders were not keen on contesting elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party leader said Gandhi has decided to “talk up the morale of his party” in view of odds faced by it.

“He (Gandhi) claims that opinion polls are jokes and that the Congress would improve upon its 2009 tally. If this is sheer bravado in order to lift the sinking morale of the Congressman, it is understandable. However, if he genuinely believes this to be true then surely he is completely cut off from reality,” Jaitley said.

Gandhi had said in an interview that Congress would improve its tally of 2009 election, when it had won 206 seats.

Jaitley claimed that some Congress leaders were not willing to contest elections, apprehending defeat.

“Some look good only when the going is good. If the going is tough, they collapse. That appears to be the UPA and Rahul Gandhi story. Faced with odds, even senior leaders have decided to desert the sinking ship. Some are refusing to contest. Others are feigning ill health for not contesting. The blame game is about to begin,” he said.

Jaitley also contended that the election agenda was loaded against the Congress.

“The voters are worried about price rise, economy and corruption. They want a leadership which is decisive and inspirational. The Congress and UPA are failing to set the agenda. They are at best responding to the agenda set by their opponents,” he said.