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  • TEDx Gateway 2018: Mountaineers Nungshi and Tashi Malik feel mountains do not discriminate based on gender!

    The twins Nungshi and Tashi Malik are a well-bonded team who have achieved many global landmarks in mountaineering. In 2013, barely 21 years old,they became world’s first female twins to scale Mt Everest. Now they have dedicated their adventure mission to Indian girl child with the motto ‘Gender Equality Now: Fight Female Foeticide’. Last year they started ‘NungshiTashi Foundation’ with the twin objectives of promoting Outdoors Leadership and girl empowerment through outdoors.

  • Ulta Pulta: One big leap forward

    V Gangadhar investigates and discovers how the number of honour killings in UP jumped from 28 in 2014 to the present 192. 

  • How ‘real Airlift’ created a Guinness record!

    Mumbai : While a debate rages on about the veracity of events depicted in new Bollywood flick ‘Airlift’ on India’s massive evacuation efforts in war-ravaged Kuwait, a former Air India official said it was carried out with ‘clock-work precision’ and made it to the Guinness World Records.

  • St Paul Alumni Association sets ‘human currency’ world record

    Indore : St Paul Alumni Association achieved the ‘largest human depiction of currency symbol’ world record in the Golden Book of World Records on Tuesday. 800 students of St Paul HS School came together in the school campus to create the world record.