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  • Words of Wisdom: 25 best inspirational quotes by worldwide legends

    When life knocks you down, stand up, clean up and keep moving. In order to make your journey as enlightening and positive as possible, legends have shared their best of secrets through words of wisdom. Here are 25 inspirational quotes to make your life better.

  • Words of Wisdom


  • Words of Wisdom

    Ten people were walking on foot from one village to another. On the way, they had to cross a river. Reaching the other shore, they wanted to be sure all had crossed safely. Each one started counting but counted only nine. They became distraught and began to cry for the loss of the tenth.



  • Ace investor Ramesh Damani shares words of wisdom

    Ramesh Damani, often called the Nawab of Dalal Street, shared his learning about the stock market with Mumbai city’s Rotarians recently. During the session, he shared four principles—try to buy stocks about examining them; need to learn, unlearn and relearn; buy when there is fear (buy things on discount) and stock markets are unusual. After delivering a wonderful presentation at Taj to a group of Rotarians, Damani spoke to The