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  • Genetic lung disorder may impact growth of babies in womb

    London: Scientists have found that babies with fatal genetic lung infections are more likely to be underweight and at a risk of premature birth. The findings suggested that cystic fibrosis (CF) — a genetic life-threatening disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system and limits the ability to breathe over time — could also have an effect on the way babies develop within the womb.

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    The ‘other’ mother

    She was always a frail person, long before it became fashionable to be painfully thin. Her cheeks sunk into her skull, her collarbones strained against the pale membrane of skin. She walked with a slow, lopsided shuffle, as if each step was a chore. I called her Mammi, mother, but I didn’t come from her womb.

  • Mother’s Day Special: A tribute to the adoptive mom

    Babies, motherhood and parenthood come in all shapes and sizes. It is that day of the year when the word ‘maa’ echoes from every corner; be it in presence, on phone, social media or in memories. Some are celebrating with their kids, some from a distance and some just can’t wait to get the first glimpse of their child. But not everyone is celebrating Mother’s Day.

  • Morning sickness may protect baby in your womb

    New York: Nausea and vomiting that occurs during pregnancy, often termed as “morning sickness”, is associated with a lower risk of miscarriage, a study has found. Morning sickness typically begins in the morning and usually resolves as the day progresses.

  • Love for exercise begins right in the womb

    New York: If would-be mothers remain physically active during pregnancy, they may have children who are exercise-friendly — a habit that persists in later adulthood, say researchers.

  • disturbed sleep

    Fetal alcohol exposure may lead to disturbed sleep

    New York: People exposed to high levels of alcohol in the womb may experience poor sleep in adulthood, which, in turn, is associated with learning and mood problems, says a new study. The findings suggest a new treatment approach for individuals suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which is linked to learning, memory and mood problems, and is estimated to affect one in 100 adults.

  • Doc severes baby’s head at birth, by accident!

    Rampur: A woman doctor and a staff nurse of the district hospital here have been arrested after the head of a baby got separated from its body during delivery as it was allegedly pulled out of the mother’s womb forcefully.


    AT every stage of life we sustain losses – and grow in the process. We begin our independent lives only when we emerge from the womb and lose its protective shelter. We enter a progression of schools; then we leave our mothers and fathers and our childhood homes. We get married and have children and then have to let them go. We confront the death of our parents and our spouses. We