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  • Indore: Winds blow at 71 km per hour, monsoon still away

    Indore: Intermittent rain lashed city on Tuesday evening as winds blew at maximum speed of 71 kilometres an hour. The rainfall, though widespread, was intense in western parts.  Clouds appeared in the sky in late afternoon and turned the weather pleasant.

  • Indore: Winds, rains give relief from heat; weatherman calls it pre-monsoon activity

    Indore: Light rains accompanied by gusty winds provided much needed relief from intense heat and humidity to local residents on Tuesday evening. Weatherman called it a pre-monsoon activity. The day remained sunny and hot till afternoon. At about, the clouds appeared. Light rains followed, which lent relief.

  • Strong winds crash-landed Facebook’s internet drone

    New York : Facebook’s solar-powered plane Aquila, designed to beam internet to remote parts of the world, crash-landed earlier this year because of strong winds that rendered its autopilot system confused, reports IANS.

  • Better way to forecast winter weather a month in advance

    London : Taking into account the unusual winds miles up in the stratosphere can lead to more accurate winter weather forecasts a month in advance, says new research led by an Indian-origin scientist.

  • Expect clouds but not rain

    Mumbai: Surprise showers drenched Nasik, Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur on Thursday due to a trough (a disturbance) in the easterly winds. Result: It will be cloudy in Mumbai for the next two days. But the clouds have caused the temperature in the city to soar. The minimum temperature recorded on Friday was 23.8 degrees Celsius in Colaba while it was 22.7 degrees Celsius in Santacruz which, the officials from whether bureau said,

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