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    August 2018: A month, when the Universe drastically lost its sheen

    Very rarely there comes a year or a month that lingers on to your memory longer than usual, for all the good or the bad reasons. This very last day of August was the one of its kind. It had the power to silence three of the most influential energies we experience in our life – oratory, peace and laughter.

  • Visit your Alma Mater to reconnect to your roots

    Twenty-six years back I was forced to a sleepless night by my friends when they gave my name for an elocution competition despite my unpreparedness to do so. Twenty-six years later, I had yet another sleepless night when I was invited to judge an elocution competition in my very own institution where I once stood standstill after speaking for two minutes from the allotted five. Life had come to a full circle.