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    Dialogue with Guru

    Prudence and Equal mindedness
    Keep samabhava (equanimity) towards everyone, be samadarsi (perceiving everybody as equal), but remember, samavyavahara (maintaining equal behaviour with all) is never possible. Every living creature is the child of God and hence, God is present in each one of them. This entire universe is an extension of the self. Percieving the entire universe like our own self is called samabhava, but, due respect to a guru must always be paid. Though

  • TEDx CRCE talks: Speakers from varied fields spread inspiration

    TED Talks have added to the movement of the spread of “free knowledge” and ideas worth discussing, considering and disseminating. Millions around the world have felt inspired and driven after attending a TED event. On Saturday, August 11, 2018, the Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering in Bandra West hosted a TEDx on campus, at the Samvaad Auditorium, bringing together speakers from diverse and varied backgrounds. The theme being Rewind, speakers recounted

  • Sharman Joshi: A book needs to capture my attention

    A form of entertainment
    I got into reading much later. With age I took to reading. Though I am not an avid reader, but yes I finish a couple of books a year. I think books happen to you when you feel all other forms of entertainment have failed.

  • Sex and the City! Dating for benefits

    Q: I broke up with my girlfriend a while ago. She ran into me at a movie theatre and asked that we meet for coffee. One thing led to another and she proposed that we have sex. We then met only for sex on a number of occasions and she firmly entrenched herself in my life insisting that we are dating again. The truth is that there were serious enough reasons for

  • Ladies Special! Embarq India solo women’s drive to Thailand

    Overland touring company Embarq, helmed by Sujal and Medha is organising a solo women’s drive from October 20, 2018 to November 4, 2018, starting from Guwahati, India and ending in Bangkok, Thailand. Covering a total distance of 2800 km, this will be a pioneering trip as it is the first all women trip, conceptualised and planned by women. Interested?

  • Take that boat ride across a river to connect with nature

    In an era of connectivity, it is the bridges and roads, optical fiber cables, modems, Wi-Fi, Hot-Spot and so on. Since one year, every time I visited my hometown I personally felt a strong disconnect within this connect. And I have my personal experiences to support this ‘Slice of Life’. However, well garnished with the herbs of modernity and presented on our daily platter of life it lacked the original taste and

  • Letter from the hills: Of thunder in the mountains

    As I write, the rain beats a steady tattoo on our tin-roof. Distant peals of thunder rent the sky. For six days now, without respite, the skies have opened up. But who am I to complain?

  • Forest Flash! In search of an elusive owl

    It had been raining all over India for almost a week now. Here in the Central Indian forests, fortunately the downpour meant that our movement was restricted, and so was it of the forest denizens. We had already walked for hours now, in drizzle or in an occasional shower. Walking on wet forest floor and over undulating landscapes posed a major challenge. Many a times we were on all fives, but we

  • A Bollywood lover from Istanbul

    The last thing I expect to hear in Istanbul is a Kishore Kumar song. I also don’t expect to find a neighbourhood named after a Mughal emperor, but I suppose that’s a bit more likely.

  • Cyrus Broacha: I want to fight for gossip

    The irrepressible Cyrus Broacha tells Nichola Pais that gossip – like sex – has unjustly been given a bad name