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  • Sex and the City: The bedroom bullying

    Q: My husband was once my good friend. I had shared my angst about my ex-boyfriend with him back then, and had revealed all the perverted sexual demands – that I despised – I had given in to. He helped me break up with my ex, and subsequently he proposed to me. I accepted his proposal as I saw him as a very sensitive and respectful man. He was everything that my

  • Life lessons from plants that humans must learn

    Anybody who would walk into my house couple of decades ago would first be welcomed by the plants. My mother always introduced to them as a part of our family and ensured that the plants knew whom they were being introduced to. She spoke to them, she nursed them when they were hurt in any manner and she made sure they got everything they required to be strong and healthy.

  • Why you should forget and forgive

    All of us at some point in time are given a choice to either forgive and move on with a spring in your step or hold on to grudges close to your heart and move ahead with a heavy inner self, which gets unbearable sooner or later. The grudge may be against a particular person, but the effect it has is on our entire being and it plays a major role in

  • dialogue with guru, baba ramdev, acharya balkrishna, Health, yoga, Weekend, weekend reads

    Dialogue with Guru

    Everyone, certainly has to do some kind of business in this world. No matter what we wish to sell, there will never be a shortage of buyers. But the choice of the product for sale rests with us. Do remember! some become rich by selling articles and some achieve greatness in the process of selling articles.

  • Let my country awake…

    Book: Newsman: Tracking India in the Modi Era

  • Spa Review: Tattva Spa is a tranquil treat

    ‘Inhale tranquillity; exhale stress’ – this Tattva Spa mantra kicks in even before your spa treatment does. For one, the newly opened flyover makes traffic snarls a thing of the past at the Radisson Goregaon (West). Step into the silent, swish and scrupulously clean spa section on the ground floor of the hotel and the aromatherapy and soothing music, combined with the tasteful interiors, instantly smooth your customary city scowl.

  • A peek into versatile Manoj Bajpayee’s mindscape

    I come out emotionally bruised from Dipesh Jain’s directorial debut Gali Guleiyan. It’s a film that uncomfortably locates you in the maze-like minds of a physically abused child, Idu, and a tethering-on-the-edge adult, Khuddoos (Manoj Bajpayee). After watching this perfectly cast, imaginatively shot, sharply edited film, I rated Manoj Bajpayee’s performance as one of his three best in the 20 years since his breakthrough with Satya (1998). Manoj begs to differ. He

  • Be calm and composed

    Aeons ago in ancient China lived an old farmer who had worked on his land for many years. He was blessed with a perspicacious mind. Abruptly, one day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, a motley group of neighbours came to commiserate with him. “Such misfortune, such ill luck,” the agitated group of villagers reacted. “Maybe,” nonchalantly replied the farmer. A few days later the horse returned, accompanied by three