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  • The Indian Apsara Service 

    Not only has Maharashtra taken the lead in reopening the dance bars but it has taken steps to supervise their functioning, according to V GANGADHAR. 

  • Ahoy Surfers

    Vikas Gupta is convinced that Surfing trend is fast catching on across India

  • Skin care tips for Holi

    MINAL SANCHETI speaks to some skin care experts and gets guidelines on protecting it from colours while playing Holi.

  • Why is the human mind stressed?

    Humans exert pressure, strain, nervousness, and anxiety on their minds by not being centered, contented and calm, says RAVI VALLURI.

  • “Am I suffering from a Mental Disorder?”

    Dr SHRIRANG BAKHLE sheds light on the kinds of treatment one must seek if one is suffering from any kind of mental problem.

  • Cool cocktails and American flair

    This gastrobar sure merits a one-time visit for its innovative cocktails and jazzy food, writes GITA HARI.

  • Digestion and Metabolism

    (d)  Samagni: Balanced state of agni (controlled digestive fire)

  • Book Review – Standing Guard

    Standing Guard offers a keen economic and political analysis of India@2015 — the tumult of the 2015 Bihar election, the debates surrounding the Land Acquisition Amendment ordinances and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill, and the alarming rise of intolerance

  • Book Review Storm the Norm

    Storm the Norm is a first-of-its-kind collection of contemporary stories of truly inspiring businesses and brands from India that either wrote or rewrote the norms of their respective industries and brought in unprecedented change and vibrancy.

  • BEST museum and yet ignored

    Bhavna Uchil says that Mumbai’s BEST Museum has a veritable heritage collection of how Mumbai’s public transportation system evolved. And yet, with few footfalls and a meager budget, it is struggling for survival.

  • There is no ‘Tomorrow’, Just Do it!

    Everyday can be a New Year resolution day to de-addict oneself; one certainly need not wait counting the days and months to do it. Where there is a will there is a way may sound cliché so let’s term it as where there is addiction, there certainly lies de-addiction.

  • The muscles of the mind

    By focusing or stressing on particular emotions of wishes, we end up making the ‘muscles’ stronger or weaker in the brain, says Dr SHRIRANG BAKHLE.

  • Days and nights of Istanbul

    “The traffic here is the worst in the world,” uttered my taxi driver. While getting into his taxi outside the metro station, I was careful to point towards the meter. But the driver smiled back saying “Please pay me whatever you feel is correct.” That eventually meant 50 percent more than the metered fare. While driving through the maze of streets inside Kumkapi, he points outside, “Arabs, you see all Arabs have

  • A Floral Feast!

    Flowers are not just for garland or adorning your hair. India has several dishes that are made from flowers and are delicious says  GITA HARI.

  • kavita seth

    The word Sufi has been misused in Bollywood

    Taking the Bollywood scene by storm with her unique voice and counting on music to get through life, Sufi singer and Bollywood musician KAVITA SETH talks about the power of music with VANESSA VIEGAS.