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  • I benefited by becoming a sponge, you could too: Author Ambi Parameswaran

    Sponge – Leadership Lessons I Learnt From My Clients is a compelling read. As occasionally happens with a good book of fiction, one does not want to keep it down till read from cover to cover. Of course, to absorb all the learning espoused in 150 odd pages, a second slower read is warranted, and as author does with the books he reads, ‘make notes in the margins and underline’.

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    There’s more to the wink than Priya Prakash Varrier

    No one had heard of Priya Prakash Varrier until the 18-year-old in an attempt to grab attention of her classmate raises her eyebrow and winks, flooring not just the boy, but the entire nation. Overnight this upcoming star turned into a ‘National Crush’. And just recently, Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi after his impromptu hug to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi came under sharp criticism after his wink to fellow Congress leader

  • Sex and the City: Girl stalker, a shocker!

    Q: A girl I met at a friend’s place and who I have no interest in, has been stalking me by sending sexual voice messages on WhatsApp. I blocked her on WhatsApp and then she called from another number and told me that she dreams of having sex with me. While this could be viewed as flattering, I feel anxious with the stalking. I have no interest in her at all and

  • World Photography Day 2018: How to ace the photography game with your phone

    Before selfies and social media invaded our lives, there was only the humble little camera at every home, that used to snap happy faces and beautiful happenings. In the current age of Instagram and Snapchat, the definition of photography is somewhat restricted to hashtags and filters. The advent of smartphones has seen the rise of social media photographers who are making a mark by using their devices. “Nowadays, phones do a great

  • From absurdist to absurd: The spurious case of VS Naipaul

    Let us unpack this statement. We may not see someone dribbling with English prose with the ease that Naipaul did, for the dedication required to the craft is on a wane with a rapidly reducing attention span. If Dabashi means, we may not see a celebrated writer who also wears regressive ideology on his sleeve, well, we just need to look around the bestseller lists, and we know Dabashi is merely choking

  • There is action in inaction and inaction in action

    Are you really not doing anything when you are not doing anything? No, there’s no misprint here, you read it correctly. I repeat; think and answer – Are you really not doing anything when you are not doing anything?

  • Why the humble calendar can never be replaced

    From today, the prices of veggies in the market will soar high. And you shall witness lesser crowd at the fish market than the usual on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. High prices of vegetables and less takers for fish, has got nothing to do with the ‘Formalin Scare’ prevailing in the neighboring State of Goa. According to the Hindu calendar we have today ventured into the holy month of Shravan (similar to

  • Rum Day 2018! A sip of the culture behind the spirit

    Rum is, without a doubt, the most underappreciated spirit in history. Whenever one thinks of sophisticated, classical drinks, rum rarely makes it to the list. Whiskey is easily pictured in the hands of a moustachioed gentleman sitting on a recliner with a book and a cigar. Rum is linked with images of pirates and a harder, more exciting lot. Over the years, however, the drink has built up a massive fan base

  • Book reading of Chanchal Sanyal’s The Glass House by the inimitable Naseeruddin Shah

    The success of a book reading depends on the book and equally on the reader – in this case it was a double whammy: a book we can easily identify with and a well-loved baritone conveying it to our ears. Author Chanchal Sanyal and arguably India’s best actor, Naseeruddin Shah came together to share excerpts from the former’s The Glass House: A Year of our Days. Pegged as a darkly comic take

  • Roller Coaster Day: Ride in the sky with these record-breaking roller coasters from around the globe

    It lets you scream at the top of your lungs, gives you a momentary rise up free of gravity with your hands thrown in the air and makes you see the world upside down. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of riding a roller coaster. It might just be one of humanity’s most impressive creations yet! Not only are they extremely fun to ride, but they also give birth to many adrenaline junkies. So,

  • Grand memories of grandma never fade

    One evening while taking a stroll down the nearest park, I saw this child playing the Game of Statue with her grandmother. Every single minute the little one would shout ‘Statue’ and her grandmother would remain as static as possible for a few seconds until the girl would say ‘Release’. I’m not sure when they must have begun playing this, but while I was around the playtime was nothing less than 40

  • Book Lovers Day 2018: Literary anti-heroes we love

    Bollywood’s arguably best read actress Sonam Kapoor finds Rebecca “lovely”, and has a soft spot for Jane Austen novels. However, it’s her top choice that wins our heart – Heathcliff and Catherine from Wuthering Heights, even though it’s a “so-not-happy love story!”
    We couldn’t agree more. Who could resist Heathcliff, the tortured romantic hero of this Emily Brontë novel, whose all-consuming passion destroys him and those around him? The very name – Heathcliff, suggestive

  • Book nostalgia! Recollecting the childhood joys of borrowed books

    These days during school vacations, the season of joy for children, you find them going crazy over mobile games, computer games and TV programmes. Time was when these things did not exist. All you had for entertainment was Doordarshan, which began its telecast at six in the evening, with a show on agriculture or some such topic. Yes, there were films in the single screen theatres. But they were a luxury to

  • Book Lovers Day 2018: The irresistible book stores of India

    If you love the smell of a new book better than perfumes, and your friends like calling you ‘bookworm’ then book-stores are always a treat for you. Some book-stores are so unique that they are becoming a destination in themselves. With rich histories, unique collections, and high popularity, they have built themselves to be cultural institutions in cities across the country.

  • When someone asks ‘What do you do?’

    I’m meeting some new people at a dinner, and they ask me a question I’ve come to associate with dinner table conversations.

  • Sleep well to live well

    The Universe, by virtue of the laws of nature, has provided all humans four sources of energy; namely food, breath, sleep or deep rest and a meditative state of mind. A Guru or an accomplished teacher unravels these secrets in any reputed wellness programme or course. Our bodies and minds get resuscitated to execute the work on hand in a systematic and proficient manner.