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    Valuables to carry for the holiday season

    Rounding up the most valuable things you can carry this season while going for a holiday so that you have a room for those kitschy souvenirs you know you don’t need, but definitely want.

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    Travel gizmos for women taking solo trip abroad

    To make it a hustle-free and more organised, here is a list of travel gizmos for women who is on a solo trip to abroad. Driven by itchy feet and restless soul, packing light isn’t as important as packing smart. Since travel inconveniences amplify when you are on your own, you want to prepare for any scenario that will set you back on your journey.

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    Some food habits to help you battle the scorching summer heat

    Eating the right fruits, vegetables and spices can ensure you remain cool during the summer season, suggest experts. Chef Sudhir Nair, Executive Chef at Courtyard by Marriott and Fairfield by Marriott, Bengaluru and Chef Kasiviswanathan, the Executive Chef for Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru share five easy tips that will help your body cope with the heat:

  • This Mother’s Day, cook for your mom!

    She’s the go-to-person when your tummy rumbles; it maybe midnight or daybreak, mommy wouldn’t let you go hungry out of the house; wherever you live, maa ke hath ka khana tops the list of your favourite food, but why not this Mother’s Day you cook something for her? Preeja Aravind asks Chef Tilak Vel of FreshMenu to gather few recipes which can help us novices surprise our moms in the kitchen…

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    Let’s talk period! Making the monthly cycle of woes hygienic

    In the run-up to the Menstrual Hygiene Day that is marked all over the world on May 28, meet people and get to know about the products devised by them that are an endeavour to make the monthly cycle of woes a healthy, hygienic and happy one for many women across the country.

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    Twisted Love by Pragya Bhagat: My Ode* to Attenborough

    Only if you are a chronic bookworm will you understand the reference I am about to make: as a child, I was not one to play sports or run in the sun. With tree climbing being the exception, I seldom enjoyed the walk through the park or digging for snails, which, I found out at seven through a sudden experiment with a more nature-loving friend, can not survive when pierced and placed

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    Forget Me Not! How India is fighting dementia

    Over the next 15 years, the number of Indians living with dementia will almost double, meaning more Indian families will become caregivers, writes Vibha Singh

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    World Earth Day 2018: Tech care of nature

    Let us look at the ways in which technology is trying to do wonders just by making the most of nature to create a better place for the coming years

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    Safety measures for the digital age

    Laptops and PCs, everybody’s work essentials are vulnerable to hackers and viruses. In order to take care of our home planet, we need to look after our safety as well, writes Minal Sancheti  

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    Conserve water, save lives

    You can live without love, but not without water. With summer already heating up let’s do our bit to save every drop of life we can, says Aparna Kapoor

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    Water conservation: Why every drop matters

    The groundwater level has been going down at an alarming rate in Maharashtra, and a government study has revealed that more than 50 per cent of the city and villages are facing drinking water shortage. And now, water conservation is being taken seriously, finds out Vibha Singh

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    Exercising can bring happiness

    Brisk walking, gardening or weightlifting help you lose weight. But did you know that exercise can also make you a joyful person? According to a new study, the frequency and volume of physical activities undertaken may actually boost your level of happiness.

  • Acute congestive glaucoma, eye special, health, weekend, weekend reads, vision, eye related problems, eye condition

    Acute congestive glaucoma: Keep an eye on your vision

    Shillpi A Singh speaks to experts about acute congestive glaucoma an uncommon condition where the pressure in the eye suddenly rises, which might cause vision loss

  • Supplements: The truths and myths

    ‘Supplements’ the term in itself opens different pages of the same book. Herbal supplements or health supplements both are trying their level best to help give you a better lifestyle. Disha Prashant takes you into the truths and myths about supplements