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  • FIFA World Cup 2018: Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny calls for protests during tournament

    Moscow: Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny today called for nationwide protests during the World Cup over a government plan to raise the retirement age for the first time in its modern history. The Kremlin announced the unpopular hike to the state pension age for women and men, going up to 63 and 65 respectively, on the day the tournament started on June 15.

  • India will play footsie with all major powers

    The Narendra Modi-Vladimir Putin informal summit in the Russian seaside resort of Sochi, has sent out a clear message to all those who believe that India is fast gravitating to the US sphere of influence. If last month’s Wuhan meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping was about cooling tensions between the two Asian rivals, Monday‘s summit was  to correct misconceptions that India had turned its back on Russia.

  • PM Narendra Modi arrives in India after his Russia visit

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived here on late Tuesday midnight after wrapping up his one-day informal summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russia’s Sochi. Earlier Prime Minister Modi visited the Moya Russia-Ethno centre, along with President Vladimir, where he saw various ancient artifacts crafted by Russian artisans and also held talks with local artists.

  • PM Narendra Modi departs for Russia for an informal summit Vladimir Putin

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday morning left for Russia’s Sochi for an informal summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The informal summit between the two leaders, which, has a broad-based agenda on global and regional issues, is expected to see the discussions on global terrorism, situation in Afghanistan-Pakistan, Syria, Islamic State (IS).

  • US President Donald Trump congratulates Vladimir Putin on his inauguration

    Washington: US President Donald Trump has congratulated his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on being sworn in for a fourth term, saying he looks forward to a time when the two nations can have a good relationship. Putin, 65, who is in power since 1999, was re-elected as Russia’s president in the March election with 76.7 per cent of the vote.

  • Putin sworn in for 4th term as President

    Moscow : Vladimir Putin was sworn in as Russia’s president for a fourth term today, extending his almost two-decade rule by another six years at a time of high tension with his Western rivals.

  • Attack on Syria act of aggression, says Vladimir Putin

    Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has denounced a strike on Syria launched by the United States and its allies as an “act of aggression” that will exacerbate humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.In a statement issued by the Kremlin, the Russian leader says Moscow is calling an emergency meeting of the United Nations’ Security Council over the strike launched by the US, Britain and France.

  • Putin warns against provocation, speculation on alleged chemical attack in Syria

    Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Moscow will not accept “provocation and speculation” around the latest suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, the Kremlin said. Putin made the remarks during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Xinhua quoted a Kremlin statement as saying.

  • Nobody has been tougher on  Russia than I have, says Trump    

    “So I think I could have a very good ties with Russia and with President Putin. And if I did, that would be a great thing. And there’s also a possibility that won’t happen. Who knows?  US is very strong on energy, which he said, is not good for Russia“          President Donald Trump…

  • Solidarity against a rampaging Russia

    For once, the West seems determined to impose costs on a rampaging Putin. The US decision on Monday to expel 60 Russians diplomats following the murderous nerve-agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter in Britain on March 4 underlines a welcome display of solidarity against an increasingly thuggish Russia under Vladimir Putin. The former KGB agent who now rules Russia with an iron fist has defied all canons of

  • Spy v/s Spy and East v/s West, Second Cold War hovers on horizon

    As a Second Cold War hovers on the horizon, one cannot but wonder why Vladimir Putin so unimaginatively expelled exactly the same number of British diplomats as Theresa May did Russian diplomats. Moscow should have sent 46 Brits packing and proclaimed loud and clear that one Russian spy was as good as two from Britain. Of course, the posturing may be part of the propaganda of two groups that need each other’s

  • Tempest over Trump-Putin call turns into uproar over leaks

    Washington : The tempest over President Donald Trump’s congratulatory phone call to Vladimir Putin quickly grew on Thursday into an uproar over White House leaks, sparking an internal investigation and speculation over who might be the next person Trump forces out of the West Wing.

  • US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis points to UK poisoning, calls Russia ‘strategic competitor’

    Washington: Russia’s suspected involvement in the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in Britain shows Moscow has “chosen to be a strategic competitor,” US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis suggested today. “We’ve always been willing to cooperate with Russia where possible,” Mattis told reporters when asked if he saw scope for improved relations with Russia following President Vladimir Putin’s re-election.

  • Putin re-elected Russia’s Prez for another six years

    Moscow : Russian voters gave Vladimir Putin a resounding approval for a fourth term as President, with figures from the Central Election Commission on Monday showing him winning with 76.68 per cent of the vote, his highest score ever, despite opposition activists highlighting a number of cases of vote rigging.

  • Putin urges citizens to vote in presidential election

    Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday urged the citizens to cast their votes in Sunday’s presidential election for the country’s future development.”Dear Russian citizens, as the incumbent president, I ask you to go to the polling station on Sunday. Use your right to choose the future for our great and beloved Russia.” Putin said in a special address to voters.