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  • New HIV drug effectively reduces virus, boosts immunity: Study

    New York: A new intravenous HIV drug has shown to be effective in reducing virus, boost immunity among patients with advanced, multi-drug resistant HIV infection, results of a phase-III trial has showed. As the first monoclonal antibody approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March 2018 to treat HIV, ibalizumab is a promising option for individuals who have tried several other drug therapies. Ibalizumab targets the primary receptor for HIV

  • Indore: Labs outside city to nab unknown virus on prowl

    Indore: Failing to identify the ‘unknown’ virus, which has been taking a heavy toll on large number of citizens since its appearance a few months ago, district health department has finally decided to take help from other pathological laboratories in to discover the menacing virus and take necessary action to prevent its further outbreak.

  • Kaspersky Lab releases free antivirus software

    Moscow: Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has launched its free version of antivirus software ‘Kaspersky Free’ to “secure the whole world”, a media report said. “We believe that everyone has the right to be free of cybersecurity fears,” Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky lab said on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Xinhua news agency reported.

  • Swine flu in Maharashtra: 100+ deaths in 4 months

    Mumbai/Pune: Swine flu has taken over a hundred lives in Maharashtra in just four months and the humid heat is only aiding the virus to spread fast. Satish Pawar, the medical director, said the government is aware of the health crisis and state hospitals are providing free medical treatment to swine flu patients.

  • Vaccine against HIV infection closer to reality

    Melbourne: In a significant progress towards the development of a vaccine against HIV, scientists have developed a new approach to help the immune system actively fight the virus in the body.

  • Murga Mandi is free of bird flu virus, says Gopal Rai

    New Delhi: Delhi’s Animal Husbandry Minister Gopal Rai on Friday said the bird flu virus is more or less over in the “Murga Mandi” area of the city, and added that the city government-appointed monitoring committee is actively monitoring and reviewing the prevailing situation to ensure that normalcy returns.

  • ‘Key’ to immunising herpes, common cold found

    Toronto: Scientists have discovered a critical step in the immune system’s recognition of DNA viruses, an advance that may lead to vaccinations for herpes, the common cold or even cancer.

  • Breakthrough:HIV cure in sight

    Washington D.C: A cure for HIV has come closer to reality after a team of researchers succeeded in cutting the virus out of infected cells, eradicating it permanently.

  • Trajectory of Zika virus documented

    New York : A team of US researchers has documented for the first time the disease trajectory of Zika virus that started with nine positive patients and has now spread to more than 13,000 infected individuals in Colombia, reports IANS.

  • mosquito-

    Chikungunya virus may cause brain infection

    London: Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus, can lead to severe brain infection and even death in infants and people over 65, a study says. The study showed that the rate of brain infection, or encephalitis, from the chikungunya virus is higher than the rate seen in the US due to West Nile virus and similar infections between 1999 and 2007.

  • Japanese scientists find HIV inhibiting protein

    Tokyo : Japanese scientists have discovered a protein, found in humans, that has inhibitory effects on the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV), the media reported on Wednesday, says IANS.

  • Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C infection may fuel heart disease risk

    Washington: People infected with the hepatitis C virus are not only at the risk for liver damage, they may also have a higher heart disease risk, a new study has claimed.

  • 6 new swine flu cases in city

    Mumbai : The city reported six new swine flu cases on Monday taking the total count of swine flu cases to 190 since July. The influenza virus has so far claim-ed lives of 28 people in the city. City doctors claim that the vir-us is attacking those people whose immunity system is we-ak and those falling under the high-risk categories as they are more prone to falling prey to the disease. Civic

  • Swine flu claims life of six-year-old in Bhayandar

    Bhayandar : A six-year-old boy from Bhayandar became the latest casualty of the H1N1 virus, taking the death toll in the twin-city to two this season.

  • Six new swine flu cases surface in city

    Mumbai : The city reported six new swine flu cases on Thursday, taking the number of infected persons to 184 in July alone. The influenza virus has claimed 27 lives so far this year, of which sixteen deaths were reported in July. Meanwhile, the civic body has collected Leptospirosis samples from each ward to study the strain of the bacterium.

  • City reports 13 new swine flu cases

    Mumbai : The city has reported 13 new swine flu cases and one new Leptospirosis case in the past two days.

  • Redesigned antibodies can help manage HIV

    Washington : Thanks to some redesigning, an antibody now has more power and can neutralize more strains of HIV virus, than any other recognised natural antibody, reports ANI.