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  • Ulta Pulta: Testing times for Indian dentistry

    With dentists recommending root canal treatment even for a shaking tooth how can we ignore BJP leader Ram Madhav’s warning to Pakistan over the Uri attack, ‘for one tooth, the complete jaw’. Do we have enough jaws to cope with the situation, wonders V Gangadhar.  

  • Ulta Pulta: One big leap forward

    V Gangadhar investigates and discovers how the number of honour killings in UP jumped from 28 in 2014 to the present 192. 

  • narendra modi

    Rio 2016: The no-alternative plight

    Independence days come and go but can there be any change for the better in our present plight?

  • Narendra Modi

    Blood Lust: Savagery in our system

    Reading has become a chore and that includes reading daily newspapers. We read front pages of one newspaper after another and begin to wonder what is happening to us and those around us. Dogs, both pets and strays, are murdered mercilessly and thrown into fire or buried to die in agony. Even though they had not harmed us in any way, they no longer seem to be man’s best friend. The killings

  • Ulta Pulta: Volcanoes incorporated!

    V Gangadhar gives a sneak peek into a high level meeting that happened recently. Spotlight was on football and volcanoes

  • Ulta Pulta: Monsoon Vagaries

    Mother Nature’s ways are unpredictable. This year it has been proved again with the south-west monsoon playing hide and seek, says V Gangadhar. 

  • Udta punjab

    Dangerous Numbers of destruction

    In an age where the audience is exposed to more horrendous acts of man’s crimes, what difference will it bring by banning a movie or censoring it, when people have already seen several videos of the same on TV, asks V Gangadhar.

  • Vaiko-jayalalithaa

    UltaPulta: Why Not ‘Kovai?”

    With a near clean sweep of the state assembly polls, THE AIADMK leader and his party clearly emerged as the clear leader of the state. The multiple raibow-coloured coalitions which organized themselves hurriedly set up candidates and fielded candidates against here were smashed into smithereens!  V Gangadhar investigates as he talks to the ever-green warrior of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam VAIKO who had fought the two major Dravidian parties under

  • Ulta Pulta: Protecting the Royal Couple

    In this crisis-prone world celebrities are vulnerable and the countries they come from and the ones that host their visits have to offer them super-special security. With the British royal couple, Prince William and Duchess Kate in India, both the Indian and British governments are not sparing any efforts with their super security measures. V Gangadhar investigates.

  • Siddaramaiah

    The Great Sacrifices – Tamil King Pari

    V Gangadhar longs for the good, old days when people and kings were ready to give up their near and dear ones and prized possessions. Those were the days of Great Sacrifices. The present is so different, finds out V GANGADHAR.

  • Rajan hung up on our ‘humble dosa’

    We are lucky to have an intelligent, articulate Reserve Bank of India governor like Raghuram Rajan.  As a fellow South Indian, I admire him. He has built a bridge between south  and north India. Be it ministry making or high level appointments, the north had always scored heavily because it has the sheer numbers. At the same time, its intellectual contribution has been minimal. Aren’t we watching the devastation to our fragile

  • Clear case of physician, heal thyself

    British Prime Minister David Cameron loves Indians and left to himself, he would invite many of them to settle down in Britain. So will many other prime ministers and presidents. They love to shake hands with the Khans of Bollywood, the bright techies and stars from IITs and other management schools and tycoons who have fattened themselves on inherited wealth. Similarly, doors of the Silicon Valley and major business schools have again

  • B&W movies to keep the stethoscope alive

    A man is known by the company he keeps, in the medical profession, the doctor is known by the quality of the stethoscope he/she carries. It is a symbol of healing power, a confidence provider and a versatile style item. Put it in the pocket of your doctor’s white coat, wrap it kind of stylishly around your throat, and stride along the patients’ wards and save their lives.  Haven’t you seen enough

  • Former U S President J F Kennedy realised Franco-US relations were not upto the mark and took his wife Jacqueline with him who charmed France, where beautiful women were greatly appreciated.

    Role of good looks in politics and statesmanship

    Character, good looks, sex appeal (in the broader sense of the word), reaching out to the hearts of the people — all these qualities have a role to play in the highest level of politics and the art of statesmanship. But there is something more — the elusive quality of charisma. I guess this quality often turns out to be a crucial factor at the level of personal politics which could be

  • A ‘Gridiron’ Dinner Can Help

    At 53, US President Barack Obama,  with two more years remaining of his term, has some unusual desires in life. He admits that years in the White House have aged him, the people were aware of this and so were the ‘hawks’ in the Republican party. The Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, Obama revealed, had already invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak at his funeral! “It is

  • Andhra Pradesh red sanders killing: Like lambs to the slaughter

    Perhaps, those were the ‘real old’ days. Woodcutters did cut wood without disturbance from environmentalists, it was only  hunting the royal stag that brought swift retribution. Woodcutters helped those in need. All those stranded in a jungle, shouting for help, were helped by these simple, sturdy men. Imagine the fate of little Red Riding Hood, had the woodsman not come to her rescue. All she had to do was scream and she

  • Richie Benaud

    Players come and go but not Great Voices

    Great drama is created when top ranking cricketers finally hang up their pads and gloves. In India, this drama is enacted more by sponsors, moneybags, the BCCI and advertisers with the players, including the hero, being shunted aside. The Sachin Tendulkar retirement tamasha is fresh in our memories.

  • The Bad Boys of Indian cricket

    It isn’t just the Union Budget, Kashmir or AAP rumblings which are making news. Abuse is as much in the news. The Censor Board listed 28 or (was it 32) abuses which should not be used in films. Adding to the heap of abuse this time is the Indian cricket captain, Virat Kohli, in distant Perth. He verbally abused Hindustan Times columnist Jaswinder Siddhu for an HT piece on Kohli and his

  • The Mannat Invasion

    The Fall of Mannat was an event of great historical importance. V Gangadhar tells you why.