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  • US charges 13 Russians with meddling in prez polls

    Washington : Thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian companies have been indicted for interfering in the 2016 US presidential election through social media propaganda.

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    Oprah Winfrey rules out 2020 US Presidential bid

    Washington D.C.: Oprah Winfrey made it very clear that she will not run in the 2020 United States presidential election, as she does not “have the DNA” for the same. The talk show host, however, was widely touted as a potential candidate for the Democratic party in the hope that her celebrity brand could rival Donald Trump’s appeal.

  • Robert Mueller seeks to question Donald Trump on Russia probe

    Washington: Special Counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller probing Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election wants to question President Donald Trump on the issue, a media report said today.

  • US expels 35 Russian officials, slaps sanctions over hacking

    Washington: In apparent retaliatory action against alleged Russian hacking during the US presidential election, President Barack Obama has slapped a series of sanctions against Russia and expelled 35 Russian officials.

  • We owe Trump open mind and chance to lead: Hillary Clinton

    New York: Hillary Clinton on Wednesday graciously accepted her defeat in the US Presidential election, saying she hopes Donald Trump will be a successful President for all Americans and that the “deeply divided” nation owes him “an open mind and the chance to lead.”

  • Over 115 mn people posted on Facebook on US election day

    New York: Even as Donald Trump stunned the world by winning the US Presidential election, millions of people on Facebook posted their reactions in the form of Likes, comments and videos globally.

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    Hillary, Trump in dead heat as results trickle in

    New York, With the first results of the bitterly contested US polls trickling in today, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were running neck and neck after notching victories in their respective Democratic and Republican bastions in the country.

  • Hillary Clinton has 65 per cent chance of winning election: Poll

    New York: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a 65 per cent chance of winning the US presidential election, according to a leading opinion poll website which said her decline in poll numbers has leveled off and her lead has held steady over the past several days.

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    US Presidential election stressing out Americans, says study

    Washington: The 2016 US Presidential election is a significant source of stress for over half the Americans, with those using social media more likely to be affected, according to a new survey ahead of one of the most adversarial contests in recent history. Daily coverage of US presidential election dominates every form of mass media.

  • White House War: Sex, sleaze, emails, and Putin

    Washington: Donald Trump is toast, proclaimed the pundits for the umpteenth time since he began his dizzying presidential run as an “explosive video” hit the airwaves to send his campaign into a tailspin.

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    US Presidential Election: The vacuous Donald Trump

    It is surprising that it took a television debate to decide that Hillary Clinton is a better candidate for tenanting the White House than her Republican rival Donald Trump.

  • Trump-Clinton presidential debate breaks Television record

    New York: The US presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump was watched by 84 million people on US TV, breaking a previous record set 36 years ago, a media reported.

  • Early voting for 2016 US election formally kicks off

    Washington: Early voting for the 2016 US presidential election kicked off on Friday in North Carolina, ushering in a two-month period of advance voting before the final results will be tallied on Election Day on November 8.