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  • Uniform code: Law panel may recommend piece meal amendments to family laws

    New Delhi: The Law Commission will recommend religion-wise “piece-meal” amendments to family laws if it finds it difficult to come out with a composite uniform civil code, Law Commission Chairman Justice B S Chauhan said on Tuesday. He also said that the civil code cannot be violative of any provision of the Constitution. The commission is in the process of segregating the nearly 45,000 suggestions it  has received on its questionnaire on

  • Bhopal: Triple talaq ruling may pave way for Uniform civil code, fear Muslim leaders

    Bhopal: Muslim leaders believe that the Supreme Court’s ban on instant triple talaq would pave the way for Uniform Civil Code. However, they also believe that such a code would be difficult to implement as the country was home to different communities. The leaders have come to city to attend first executive body meeting of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) after apex court’s ruling on triple talaq.

  • Triple Talaq verdict: Is India moving towards Uniform Civil Code?

    India is world’s largest democracy and on Tuesday it proved that what it preaches also practices it. The five-judge Supreme Court bench gave a judgement that will be remembered for a long time regarding the practice of instantaneous triple talaq. Triple Talaq has ruined lives of many Muslim women, who at the drop of a hat were told by their husbands that their marriage is null and void by just uttering talaq,

  • Supreme Court judgement likely to push BJP’s Uniform Civil Code agenda

    New Delhi : The landmark triple talaq verdict has given big boost to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which has long pushed for a uniform civil code to be enforced which would end the reach of different religious laws in civil issues, sanctioned originally to protect the independence of different faiths. In a far-reaching verdict empowering millions of Muslim women, the Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down triple talaq, or instant

  • BJP will end reservation if it forms govt. in UP: Mayawati

    Bulandshar: Escalating her attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati on Thursday alleged that constant interference of the saffron party leaders in matters associated with the Muslim Personal Law Board like the Triple Talaq and Uniform Civil Code is a matter of serious concern.

  • Mumbai: Why not an ordinance on the civil code, temple? Shiv Sena

    Mumbai : Accusing the Centre of increasingly taking the ordinance route for “political expediency”, ruling BJP’s ally Shiv Sena on Monday suggested to the NDA government that it adopt the same method on uniform civil code and Ram temple in Ayodhya.

  • Catholics too join chorus for UCC

    New Delhi : The Supreme Court has entertained a Catholic Christian group from Kerala to implead itself in a case filed for enforcing the Uniform Civil Code, after it pleaded for curbs on the malpractices in the name of religious freedom.

  • The Triple Talaq Dilemma: All you should know about Triple Talaq

    For quite a long time now, Triple Talaq has been in the limelight. Divorce in Islam means Talaq, mere declaration of the phrase (thrice) by a man divorces him from his wife, although many countries today have additional procedures to register divorces, especially after attempts at reconciliation have been exhausted. Three simultaneous declarations of divorce are considered three separate divorces, after which the couple are considered to be permanently separated and cannot

  • ‘BJP raking up triple talaq, UCC for gains in UP polls’

    New Delhi: The issues of triple talaq and Uniform Civil Code are being “raked up” by the BJP for gains in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, a women’s body today said while accusing the AIMPLB of “playing into the hands” of the saffron party by helping it to polarise people.

  • Muslim women not fodder for politics

    By suggesting that the Modi government is using the triple talaq issue to smuggle in a Uniform Civil Code, it has stoked Muslim fears of the separate identity of the community being obliterated. ‘Islam in danger’ has an immediate, if irrational fear among a ghettoised minority and orthodox community leaders are known to invoke it frequently, not least to maintain their own relevance.

  • Triple talaq can’t exist in a democracy: Modi

    Mahoba (UP): Breaking his silence on the hugely contentious issue of triple talaq, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday denounced the practice among Muslims and deprecated attempts to politicise the issue. “Now the issue of talaq has come up. Just like if any Hindu commits female foeticide he will have to go to jail, similarly what is the crime of my Muslim sisters that someone says talaq over phone and her life is destroyed,” he

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