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  • Ulta Pulta: To the defence of Angelina Jolie

    The large legal community in India is gearing up to defend beauteous Hollywood star Angelina Jolie in her divorce suit against husband Brad Pitt. After all, India has the largest pool of unemployed lawyers in the world, points out V Gangadhar. 

  • Ulta Pulta: Testing times for Indian dentistry

    With dentists recommending root canal treatment even for a shaking tooth how can we ignore BJP leader Ram Madhav’s warning to Pakistan over the Uri attack, ‘for one tooth, the complete jaw’. Do we have enough jaws to cope with the situation, wonders V Gangadhar.  

  • Ulta Pulta: Hail the new era in Indian sports

    V Gangadhar reminiscences about the week that was – a week that brought two medals to India from the land of Olympics and new sporting events that seem to be lurking on the horizon.  

  • Ulta Pulta: What’s in a name? Everything!

    With Rio Olympics throwing up new sporting Queens, many would stake claim on  names like Sindhu and Sakshi writes Sumeet Naik.

  • Rio Olympcis 2016: Losing medals, losing face

    In its log association with the Olympic Games India had lost quite a few medals. But at the Rio Games in 2016 for the first time, its leader and the leader of the Olympic delegation lost his face. What happens now, wonders V Gangadhar

  • Ulta Pulta: Trump’s Trump Card

    Despite the recent downtrend in the US presidential polls, Republican candidate Donald Trump feels on top of the world because of a ‘secret weapon’ he possesses. V Gangadhar provides exclusive details of the same. 

  • Ulta Pulta: Volcanoes incorporated!

    V Gangadhar gives a sneak peek into a high level meeting that happened recently. Spotlight was on football and volcanoes

  • Ulta Pulta: Monsoon Vagaries

    Mother Nature’s ways are unpredictable. This year it has been proved again with the south-west monsoon playing hide and seek, says V Gangadhar. 

  • Ulta Pulta: Amar got the Talent!

    For once let us not take the real political developments too seriously but rather enjoy it in a musical way as the stage is set for some comeback performers, writes SUMEET NAIK.

  • Ulta Pulta: Protecting the Royal Couple

    In this crisis-prone world celebrities are vulnerable and the countries they come from and the ones that host their visits have to offer them super-special security. With the British royal couple, Prince William and Duchess Kate in India, both the Indian and British governments are not sparing any efforts with their super security measures. V Gangadhar investigates.

  • The Holy Tears

    Lit fests are following one after the other. They play a key role in our lifestyle, make our great authors weep and their mothers eligible for national awards, according to V Gangadhar