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  • Engineers from British Columbia University develop cheap and portable smartphone-powered ultrasound machine

    Toronto: Engineers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) have developed a new ultrasound transducer, or probe — no bigger than a Band-Aid — is portable, wearable and can be powered by a smartphone. It could dramatically lower the cost of ultrasound scanners to as little as $100. Conventional ultrasound scanners use piezoelectric crystals to create images of the inside of the body and send them to a computer to create sonograms.

  • Whales

    Giant whales use stretchy ‘bungee cord’ nerves to catch fish

    Toronto : Scientists have discovered a unique nerve structure in the mouth and tongue of giant whales that can double in length and then recoil like a bungee cord to help them hunt for fish. The stretchy nerves explain how the massive rorqual whales are able to balloon an immense pocket between their body wall and overlying blubber to capture prey during feeding dives.

  • Checking Emails Too Often Can Cause Stress

    Toronto : Feeling stressed? You may be suffering from inbox burnout! People feel less stressed when they check their emails less often, a new study has found, reports PTI.