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  • Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba says company ready for trade war with US

    Beijing : Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba on Thursday said that the company is ready for a possible trade war with the United States, adding that it would not only survive the fight but will also thrive. This comes after the company reported its total earnings for the year.

  • Sensex, Nifty open at record high; pare gains amid trade war worries

    Mumbai: The benchmark BSE Sensex pared initial gains after hitting a record high of 37,876.87 in early trade today as investors turned cautious amid escalating global trade war concerns. The 30-share index rose 184.98 points, or 0.49 per cent, to hit a new peak of 37,876.87. Market sentiment, however, turned cautious as the index pared gains trading 40.13 points, or 0.11 per cent higher at 37,732.02 at 0950 Hrs.

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    Donald Trump administration plans steeper tariff on import of Chinese products

    Washington: On the direction of US President Donald Trump, his administration is considering to increase the proposed tariff of 10 per cent on import of Chinese products to 25 per cent, a top trade negotiator has said. Such a move would more than double its proposed tariff on import of Chinese products worth USD 200 billion.

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    Donald Trump’s trade war to nowhere

    We are on the edge of a full-fledged trade war. The US has raised tariffs, China is hitting back and businesses are watching anxiously as tensions rise and uncertainty grips the market. Amid this muscle-flexing comes a story from a place in Missouri, USA, called Butler County, where Trump won almost 80 percent of the vote in the 2016 election.

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    The US is only helping China

    The Trump administration’s declaration of a trade war with China has implications for that country’s latest round of ambitious economic reforms as well as for global economic development generally. China refuses to be bullied by Trump’s imposition of $34 billion in tariffs and the threat to impose $500 billion more. China has swiftly retaliated with its own $34 billion in tariffs on US goods.

  • Can the US push oil to USD 250 a barrel?

    Last week, Artem Avinov, leading analyst with TeleTrade, predicted that oil prices could jump to $250 per barrel if the Strait of Hormuz is blocked by Iran. This was duly reported by (

  • Sensex, Nifty turn choppy on weak global cues

    Mumbai: The BSE Sensex turned negative after opening 59 points higher in the early trading session today on sustained capital outflows amid weak global cues following rising concerns of a global trade war. The 30-share index was trading lower by 54.01 points, or 0.15 per cent, at 35,324.59. The gauge had gained 114.19 points in the previous session.

  • Indian rupee’s plunge to all-time low

    The Indian rupee’s plunge to an all-time low of 69.09 against the US dollar, compared to the previous low of Rs 68.865 in November 2016 reflects the ill-effects of US President Donald Trump’s disastrous economic policies on the world at large. Indeed, American protectionism through higher import duties coupled with the consequences of renewed US sanctions against Iran is indeed playing havoc with economies across the world. That the rupee has fallen

  • Trade war has a silver lining for India

    Former Treasury Secretary of the United States, who is equivalent to our Finance Minister, Larry Summers has said that the ongoing trade war between the US on one side and China and India on the other side may lead to a global recession which would be harmful for all the countries of the world. His analysis is as follows: First, American businesses would be hurt because the tariffs on imports will increase

  • Sensex extends losses on global trade war worries

    Mumbai: The BSE Sensex fell over 132 points  in opening trade today as investors pared their bets, tracking sharp losses in global markets on worries about an intensifying trade conflict between the US and its trade partners.

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    A Trumpian Disorder

    India has done well to pay back Donald Trump in his own coin. Responding to the unilateral slapping of tariffs on the import of Indian steel and aluminum items of 25 per cent and ten per cent respectively, India has hiked customs duty on 29 select items imported from the US. Among these are almonds, fresh apples, walnuts, etc. The iconic American motor cycles Harley-Davidsons have been spared, though if it really

  • Not wise to jump into trade war

    The showdown on trade unleashed by US president Donald Trump by hiking tariffs on steel and aluminium exported to India and the Indian retaliatory measures with duties on 29 items imported from the US adding up to almost the same value, must be defused before it escalates further. There is no doubt that Trump is rash but his brinkmanship needs to be tackled with tact and diplomacy rather than escalating what is

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    Pulses to become costlier due to Modi government’s tit for tat trade war

    New Delhi: Dal or pulses, the staple diet for the poor, will become costlier August onwards because of the Modi government’s tit for tat tariff duties on US imports. So, essentially the poor will have to pay for the Modi government’s pig-headed resolve to show President Donald Trump his place for hiking import duty on Indian steel and aluminium.

  • India hikes import duty on certain US products

    New Delhi: In a retaliatory move, India has hiked customs duty on several goods, including Bengal gram, lentils and artemia, imported from the US. The import duty hike would be effective from August 4, the Finance ministry said in a notification.

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    Donald Trump threatens additional USD 200 billion tariff on Chinese goods

    Washington: US President Donald Trump has threatened to levy a 10 per cent tariff on $200bn of Chinese goods in a tit-for-tat trade row with Beijing. Trump said he asked trade advisers to identify additional Chinese products on which to impose new tariffs.

  • US President Donald Trump refuses to sign G7 joint statement threatens to escalate trade war

    Quebec (Canada): US President Donald Trump has refused to sign a communique endorsed by the G-7, a move that threatens to snowball into a full-fledged trade war with his allies. Moments after Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s released the joint statement, noting it had been agreed to by all seven countries, Trump ripped through the façade of cordiality and accused the Canadian Prime Minister of making “false statements.”

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    US announces 25 percent tariffs on Chinese tech goods

    Washington: Days after a trade war between the two countries was averted, the United States on Tuesday announced 25 per cent tariff on USD 50 billion of tech goods imported from China, the White House said. The Donald Trump administration added that it would crack down on “illegal” Chinese trade practices by June 30.