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  • TEDx Gateway 2018: Author and Therapist Dr Shelja Sen on the challenges of her profession

    One of the biggest challenges parents face is managing difficult or defiant behavior on the part of children. Dr Shelja Sen, clinical psychologist and therapist offers a new take on family communication, asking us to consider the effects our words have on our children – and showing a new model for helping kids solve their own problems. While working in different contexts in India and the UK, she was very disillusioned by

  • Mental Health: How to find the right therapist for you

    Imagine if you’re asked to go to the super market to pick out the best jar of peanut butter. To make sure you’re getting the best, you’ll first look at the brand, then you’ll choose between the various types of peanut butter by that brand, you’ll check out the expiry and finally you’ll look at the nutritional information – all for the best jar of peanut butter. Now, if you’re asked to pick out a therapist,

  • Vaishali Pai

    Special Children have a friend in Tamahar

    When occupational therapist Vaishali Pai moved to Bengaluru after marriage, she took up a job with the Spastic Society of India. This was the first time she was working with children with brain damage and it was as if her destiny was set with this experience. Commuting for an hour from Malleshwaram to Indiranagar everyday for work, she often wondered: “if this journey is so difficult for me, how do my patients,