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  • India and Israel: Discovering new drivers to accelerate relation

    Focus on Israel-India relations has increased multi-fold over years. All thanks to both Prime Ministers of both nations visiting each other. There are, however, some strategic industry segments that both countries are interested where collaborations can take place. Nimrod Assouline, Deputy Chief of Mission, who holds a double masters from Tel Aviv University on Jewish History and International Relations, talks about the collaboration possibilities.

  • Israel offers Indian students scholarships and training from cyber security to food security 

    Celebrating 25 years of Growing Partnership, the multi-faceted relations between India and Israel continue to expand in every direction. Through academic and governmental programs, Indian students and professionals are offered unique scholarships and training programs in Israel ranging from Cyber and Technology, to Agriculture, Education, Women’s Empowerment and Startups.

  • Smart watches will soon verify your signatures

    Jerusalem: Scientists have developed a novel software that enables smartwatches, currently worn by one in six people around the world, to verify handwritten signatures. “A popular device worn by so many people should feature additional, critically useful functions,” said Erez Shmueli from Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Israel, adding that 373 million of these devices will be in use by 2020.

  • Virtual reality may help restore movement in damaged limbs

    Jerusalem: Scientists have developed a novel training regime that combines virtual reality and traditional physical therapy to help rehabilitate impaired limbs by allowing the healthy ones to ‘lead by example’, says PTI.

  • The high price of being a ‘nice’ woman: Less salary

    London: Ladies, please take note. The nicer or more agreeable you are at work, the lower your salary is likely to be, says a study. Dominant, assertive women, who clearly express their expectations and do not retreat from their demands, are compensated better than their more accommodating female peers, the study found, reports IANS.

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    Virtual reality, treadmill training may prevent falls in elderly

    London: Combining virtual reality and treadmill training is likely to help prevent falls in older adults better than treadmill training alone, suggests a research. The intervention, which combines the physical and cognitive aspects of walking, consists of a camera that captures the movement of participants’ feet and projects it onto a screen in front of the treadmill, so that participants may ‘see’ their feet walking on the screen in real time.

  • Painful tattoo Pic:

    New electronic tattoo can read emotions

    Jerusalem: Scientists have created a new adhesive “electronic tattoo” that can read emotions, an advance that can improve muscle control of amputees and patients with brain injuries, reports PTI. The tattoo consists nanotechnology-based conductive polymer coating that enhances the carbon electrode’s performance. It records a strong, steady signal for hours on end without irritating the skin.

  • Are we bad at judging our real friends ?

    London: Most people feel that friendship is a two-way street, but only half of your buddies would actually consider you their friend, a study has found, adding that this limits their ability to influence them and further impacts on human behaviour. Companies and social groups that depend on social influence for collective action, information dissemination and product promotion could improve their strategies and interventions.

  • How smartphones are diminishing people’s privacy

    Jerusalem: The use of “location-aware” smartphones and voluntary sharing of information is diminishing people’s privacy, say researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel.

  • Lack of sleep can make you feel grumpy

    Washington DC :  Do you know lack of sleep can make your feel uneasy and cranky in the morning, reports ANI.