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  • HCL Tech Quarter 3 net profit up 6% to Rs 2,194 crore

    New Delhi: HCL Technologies, the country’s fourth-largest IT firm, today posted a 6 percent growth in consolidated net profit at Rs 2,194 crore for the quarter ending December compared to the same period of previous year. The Noida-based firm had posted a net profit of Rs 2,070crore in the year-ago period, it said in a statement.

  • Nissan and NASA will develop AVs

    Las Vegas : In a bid to create a roadmap for the technology and business evolution of the automotive industry, Nissan has announced a fresh agreement with NASA. The US space agency’s Ames Research Centre in California’s Silicon Valley and Nissan will collaborate on research and technology development for future autonomous mobility services, including a working demonstration in Silicon Valley, reports IANS.

  • Students to display advanced robots at IIT-Bombay Techfest

    Mumbai: Around 1.40 lakh students of more than 2,500 colleges will be attending Techfest of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Bombay from December 29 to 31. The annual science and technology festival will witness the advancements in robotics as the first humanoid robot Sophia will be attending the fest along with other robots from different countries of the world.

  • Facebook discards fake news warning flags

    San Francisco: In yet another attempt to flush out fake news from its platform, Facebook has announced that it will no longer use Disputed Flags (red-warning icons) to identify false news.

  • Apple invests $390mn in US-made iPhone lasers

    San Francisco: As part of its $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund to support innovation and job creation by American manufacturers, Apple has invested $390 million in optical communication component manufacturer Finisar whose technology has made the iPhone’s Face ID feature viable.

  • Gender discrimination lawsuit against Google dismissed

    San Francisco: In a respite for Google, a judge has dismissed a gender discrimination lawsuit from former Google employees that accused the tech giant of paying male employees more than women.

  • Facebook comes up with new policy to report harassment, explicit images

    Social media site, Facebook, have unveiled a new policy to report harassment and explicit images encountered by the user. This comes on the back of many users complaining that explicit images were “shared in revenge” on the platform without their consent, which violates the company’s terms of service.

  • FSC issue opens today

    Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd (FSC) is one of India’s largest organised third-party logistics service operators. It offers automated and IT-enabled warehousing, distribution and other logistics solutions to a wide range of customers. Company’s service offerings, warehousing infrastructure, pan-India distribution network, “hub-and-spoke” transportation model and automated technology systems support its competitive market position.

  • Disclosing the potential of the Blockchain Technology

    Confer Global’s recent event ‘Blockchain Technology Summit’ turned into a fantastic knowledge sharing platform delving into all aspects of the technology…

  • Mumbai Crime: This is how criminals are turning tech-savvy to evade arrest

    Mumbai: The anti-social elements are, now, increasingly becoming tech-savvy to avoid falling into police trap. Despite knowing all the hideouts of the criminals, the police still find it difficult to immediately nab them because the seasoned criminals, especially robbers, kidnappers, drug lords and others, have installed Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras around their dens to track the movement of law enforcement agencies.

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    Wearable Tech: Gadgets to uplift the differently-abled

    Wearable technology is changing the world, mostly, for the better. It means you can track your runs and workouts more efficiently than ever before, you can pay for groceries with a ring or wristband, and keep safe via various personal alarm services. That’s great, but it pales in comparison to the improvements that various wearables can bring to people with disabilities. A growing number of devices and gadgets richly enhance life for

  • Assistive tech, technology news, tech gadgets, technology, technical equipments, Assistive Technology

    Assistive Tech: Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way

    Technology has always lent a helping hand to people with disabilities such as visual impairment, speech impairment, motion disabilities or disorders, etc. There are a lot of apps and gadgets that can help ease difficulties that such people face on a daily basis. From providing help with reading despite a visual impairment, to keeping the deaf included in a group conversation, to aiding patients with shaky hands have a meal independently, here

  • Ivanka Trump at GES 2017: Technology helping women entrepreneurs tremendously

    Hyderabad (Telangana): United States President Donald Trump’s daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump on Wednesday said technology held an immense potential in the present scenario to help women entrepreneurs grow in both – their personal and professional lives.

  • Rubique MD and CEO Manav Jeet: We provide best lending options keeping in mind borrower’s need

    A technology-based marketplace—Rubique, which serves both retail and SME borrowers, offers loan products with speed and accuracy based on a technology backbone. The company has seen impressive traction and believes it has the ability to grow rapidly on a sustained basis. The company MD and CEO, Manav Jeet, discusses the value that the company offers different players with Pankaj Joshi.

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    Rider’s Tech: Gadgets for cycling enthusiasts

    Here is a list of the best bike gadgets and accessories, which contains delights like smart devices that track your progress, lots of new ways to think about safety when cycling and many more cool things