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  • T R Ramachandran, Rahul Gandhi, domestic agenda, Congress, Germany, England

    Should Rahul’s visits abroad have a domestic agenda

    There is discernible desperation in Congress president Rahul Gandhi focussing on the domestic agenda during his forays abroad, particularly in Germany and England recently, whipping up a storm at home. The agenda for these visits is painstakingly prepared to catch the attention of the Indian diaspora and others as well as whipping up a frenzy at home.

  • Pranab Mukherjee stays true to his beliefs

    Former president Pranab Mukherjee made his presence felt at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur last week on June seventh with uneasy and doubting Congressmen finally heaving a big sigh of relief. He expressed his beliefs forcefully to those who held a different view in their own lair.

  • BJP is all set but is Opposition also charged up for 2019 general elections

    With barely a year left for next year’s general elections, matters are beginning to hot up in the ruling BJP with Prime Minister Narendra Modi gung-ho about a second consecutive term in office. Even as the task at hand is daunting, the opposition, particularly the regional satraps, are trying to knit themselves into a purposeful, cohesive combine to overcome the aggressive saffron brigade.

  • Friendship with China is unavoidable for India

    The first informal summit in Wuhan spread over two days on July 27 and 28 between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has endeavoured to put the bilateral relations on an even keel between the two major Asian neighbours. It has sought to activate mechanisms for dialogue which had inexplicably been side stepped.

  • Playing politics over atrocities

    With atrocities against the Dalits unabating, there are indications they are gearing up for the crucial battle at the hustings aimed at rattling the BJP in next year’s general elections. Far fetched as it might seem at this juncture, it has the portends of pushing the ruling NDA at the Centre on its backfoot.

  • Indo-Pak bilateral discourse needs to change

    The Valley in Jammu and Kashmir remains on the edge with deaths shattering the fragile calm, there are indications of a thaw in the wake of diplomats from India and Pakistan being harassed.

  • Regional satraps not enthused with Congress as the main non-BJP pole

    The growing discomfiture and frustration among regional satraps about hitching their political outfit with the Congress in the run up to next year’s general elections is coming to the fore. They are concerned that the country’s oldest political entity is hopelessly outmanoeuvred by the strategists of the Lotus party over the last four years since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in May 2014.

  • Perturbed President invokes Mahamaya

    President Pranab Mukherjee is perturbed and anguished when he is at variance with the views of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on certain issues. Such a mismatch is not new as it has been evidenced since the BJP led NDA government assumed power in May 2014. In the present instance, it is with regard to the November 8 high power demonetisation unleashed by Modi.
    The Head of State believes that in the short to medium term,

  • Intrigues in Tamil Nadu, after Jayalalithaa passed away

    The political situation in Tamil Nadu is undergoing some queer twists and turns in the wake of AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa’s death earlier this month. As expected the Centre with the BJP in the vanguard is reportedly calling the shots in a determined bid to keep the AIADMK united.

  • Indian Railways: Modernisation, safety may take a hit, as bankruptcy looms

    With the Indian Railways (IR) in dire need of urgent upgradation, a retired Railway Board official underlined the need for relaying the tracks of the country’s gigantic transportation system. Being literally the lifeline, IR needs to accord highest priority to safety in the wake of major accidents taking place resulting in the death of a large number of 25,000 people annually.  This is no laughing matter and raises the basic question – “do we

  • Huge wake-up call for EC

    The dramatic demonetisation undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a bold step lacking the desired advance planning. The imponderables should have been given priority. As a result, problems galore of an inevitable cash crunch causing immense hardship to the poor.  The rural economy appears to be hit badly.  This well-intentioned move could backfire for the BJP if the problems continue for long. Modi has urged the suffering people to bear with him for

  • UP broth still simmering

    Given the meltdown in the Samajwadi party, patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav has been compelled to change tack and strive for a “grand alliance” in Uttar Pradesh, a la Bihar style to keep the BJP at bay — at least for all outward appearances.

  • Uri Attack: Diplomatic blitzkrieg to isolate Pakistan

    The Pakistan aided terror attack by the JeM in Uri on Sunday has sent the mercury shooting in the establishment in New Delhi. Expectedly there are demands for strong action and taking revenge against Pakistan which has become the centre for transborder terrorism in South Asia. Inexplicably it has taken 26 years for the Centre to reach this inflexion point after being repeatedly accused of being a soft state.

  • mayawati protest

    Dalit upheaval sliding down BJP’S chances?

    Dalit community’s growing anger against the BJP and increasing cow vigilantism has rudely awakened the BJP to its adverse impact in the upcoming assembly elections, particularly in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. The issue is making matters tough for the Prime Minister. He has been compelled to break his silence twice since Saturday last asking the bovine criminals in the name of cow protectors to target and kill him while sparing the Dalits.

  • Mayawati Remark: BJP revives BSP’s fortunes

    Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati’s political fortunes in Uttar Pradesh have been resuscitated in the wake of BJP state unit leader Daya Shankar Singh hurling an unpardonable abuse at her, leading to his expulsion from the party. This has provided her the necessary shot in the arm to galvanise her vote bank of Dalits, Muslims and other backward classes. She wasted no time in displaying her show of strength in Lucknow. Singh’s

  • J&K Violence: Beyond tipping point

    The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is reminiscent of 2010. It has gone beyond tipping point, jolting the Mehbooba Mufti government. She has been compelled to seek the help of the separatists in restoring order amid Pakistan’s brazen interference in orchestrating attacks on police stations in the sensitive border state.

  • Rajan’s exit: Brilliance pushed over by mediocrity

    It has been widely acknowledged that BJP’s recently nominated member of the Rajya Sabha, Subramanian Swamy, is a loose cannon in his self appointed role as a so-called crusader against corruption. As a supporter of the Narendra Modi government, the Lotus party needs no enemies. His nuisance value by attacking not only the RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, who has since resigned, but Union Finance minister Arun Jaitley and a senior official in

  • Narendra Modi

    BJP: From one electoral gimmick to another

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to rid the country of the menace of middlemen. In fact, his new slogan is “middleman mukt Bharat” and he intends to achieve this by taking recourse to technology, so that intermediaries cannot siphon off welfare benefits intended for the poor. This might also go a long way in ensuring that farmers get remunerative prices for their produce. The initiative is laudable as middlemen had come to be