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  • T. G. L. Iyer

    Turn ideas into action and results

    Sometimes, you feel that you are swimming against the current. The ‘Decca Hisla’ (a variety of fish) is more tasty because it swims against the current. Athletes practise running against the wind to overcome resistance and create the required stamina. The politician fights the election against odds, adverse conditions and swings in the voting pattern. The policeman deals with crime and law and order with tremendous uncertainties, ominous endings and unfavourable outcomes.

  • T. G. L. Iyer

    Keys to releasing our potential-II

    WISE people say: “Reduce the tendency to assess, evaluate and interpret the world. Replace and substitute this futile activity with action, joy and love. We can’t measure life in school terms giving grades like A, B, C. Gradually, a tendency develops to avoid doing things except to score “A” grade. In that process, we miss out everything.  Whatever are the circumstances, we can make the situation a field of learning or an

  • T. G. L. Iyer

    Keys to realising our potential-I

    LET the horse be in front and the cart behind because that would be natural. But some experts say that you should get the cart before the horse, if you wish to achieve personal greatness. Let me explain it further. Once I asked my friend a question: “Are you happy?” He replied, “No, I am not”. I continued, “What do you think it would take for you to become happy and content?”

  • T. G. L. Iyer

    The law of abundance

    WILLIAM Shakespeare wrote: “It is the mind that makes the body rich.” In the process of enriching the mind, abundance starts. The way to demonstrate abundance is to hold it constantly in the mind, and constantly say to the self, “The Lord is my master. All that he has is mine and I shall not want anything.” The fundamental principle involved in abundance is our inseparable connection with the universe. It is

  • T. G. L. Iyer

    You will find all that you are searching for

    CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS did not set sail to discover the new world on the strength of a mere dream. His log books read like a manual for goal-setting: “I proposed to make a new chart for navigation on which I will set down all the seas and the lands in their correct locations and their correct bearings. Further, I shall compile a book and map everything by latitude and longitude. These things will

  • T. G. L. Iyer

    Listening To Yourself

    HOW fast you become more confident and gain higher self esteem depends on how fast you learn to listen to yourself.

  • Life is a Journey of Self-discovery

    WHAT we need most in this life is for someone to tell us the truth. And the truth is that very few situations are going to come into our lives that we don’t cause to happen. This is the most important concept of life, which many don’t understand.


    –        PEOPLE who live the most meaningful lives are those who connect to themselves, connect with others, the world and nature. Such people lead a purposeful life. They attract success as on each day they plan, set goals and make things happen. Such people are inspired people having a sense of purpose and destiny.


    THERE is a tribe in Madhya Pradesh who grows tubers and roots. They get a bumper harvest and become gradually rich. But the elders of the tribe said, “The world becomes too predictable and the challenge goes out of life. Without challenge life has no meaning.” So, the elders in their wisdom would decide that the entire village should move to another place every 25 to 30 years. The entire tribe would


    ONCE there was a man who died and found himself in a beautiful place surrounded by every conceivable comfort. A white-jacketed attendant came to him and said, “You may have anything you choose, any food, any pleasure, any kind of entertainment.” The man was delighted and sampled all the delicacies and luxuries offered to him. Eventually, however, he became bored. Calling the attendant he said, “I have tried every good thing I

  • Flooding Life With Light

    WALT DISNEY said: “All of your dreams can come true; if you have the courage to pursue them.” Life is an endless range of mountains with peaks and valleys, ascends and descends and more peaks ahead to climb. Mountaineers climb peaks for mere exhilaration and achievement. Ancient Tamil Nadu Kings, the Cholas and Pandyas have built beautiful temples in the South, the architecture of which are even ‘duplicated abroad. The tallest ‘Gopuram’

  • Signs of Wisdom

    VIDURA NITI in Mahabharata defines wisdom within six parameters. First, a wise man listens patiently, understands quickly and engages in action when he knows his subject fully: He does not yield to the moments of impulse and does not interfere unasked, in other’s affairs. Second, the wise do not yearn for unattainable things. They do not grieve for things, which they have lost. They are not perplexed when faced with adversity. Third,