Free Press Journal
  • Flying in high winds

    Candid, enlightening and with doses of tongue-in-cheek humour, this book showcases Indian bureaucracy in a new light.

  • Mizu Shingen Mochi – The Zero Calorie Cake

    FPJ brings to you the Raindrop cake that is making waves in the culinary world along with some other interesting Japanese desserts.

  • Fashion and Trendz: Cape of new vogue

    From glitterati circuit to the swish set, from travel freaks to party hoppers, capes have been ruling the fashion corridors in recent times, writes PRAMITA BOSE.

  • Pankaja Munde

     No Mirage, But Real Water

    It’s ironical that Pankaja Munde preferred to post selfies during her visit to drought hit areas, indicating her priorities, says V GANGADHAR. 

  •  Making Money off Bricks

    ADITYA PARIKH gives us tips on things to remember when renting your property.

  • Tangled by Zentangle

    Besides Mandala, Zentangle is an easy to imbibe art form, a meditative art form which helps in augmenting our concentration by designing structured patterns and contriving alluring images, write DISHA PRASHANT.

  • protect your money

     MF Investor in SEBI’s Durbar

    SEBI regulation of MFs basically consists of two functions: the regulation of assets management and the regulation of the marketing of schemes, writes TENSING RODRIGUES.

  • The paper magician

    BHAVNA UCHIL meets Rajendra Gole, an artist who creates life-like art-work.

  • Ayurveda

    Srotas: Body Channels

    The word ‘srota’ has been used frequently in the preceding pages related to the channel systems of the body. Many of the srota systems are equivalent to the physiological systems of the body like the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. It should be clear by now that a clean and healthy srota with the proper flow of energy is necessary for a healthy body. Srota systems are as important as

  • The ‘selected’ questions

    In modern cricket everything has become selective, including press conferences. Questions have to be selective and meet with the approval of the captain concerned. Is this the right way to play cricket and handle the media? V GANGADHAR finds out. 

  • Travel in stylish accessories

    FARHANA MADAR says chic travelling means travelling with accessories that make a style statement.

  • lions

    Lion spotting in Gir Forests

    Anita Rao-Kashi is memerised with the king of the jungle trotting casually in the forest of Gir.

  • Bombay Streets

    Food Special – Go organic

    The USP of The American Joint is that it serves organic products in food and beverages, writes GITA HARI.