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  • Work-life balance: Never shy away from taking a break, says Raell Padamsee

    Over the past 20 years, Raell Padamsee’s company Ace Productions has made its mark in the field of theatre production, design and execution of mega events. Naturally, she is in the thick of hectic activity all the time but Raell never loses her bright smile and warm sparkle. Here’s how she does it…

  • Indore: Colleges to teach stress management to students

    Indore: “College and stress”, these two words are synonymous to anyone in college.  As different studies show that levels of stress in students are growing, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) gears up to address the problem impacting lives of nearly 2.3 lakh students under its umbrella.

  • Indore: Seminar on stress management

    Indore: Seventy BBA students attended seminar on stress management at MKHS Gujarati Girls College on Tuesday. Main speaker Brahamakumari Neela highlighted techniques like meditation to overcome stress. She said that student can reduce stress by managing time. School principal Nihar Mishra suggested students to manage stress in competitive world. The programme was conducted by Prof Sonam Kulkarni and vote of thanks was proposed by Prof Pooja Chouksey.

  • Bhopal: HEMA School students learn stress management techniques

    BHOPAL: Senior students attended a workshop on stress management organised at HEMA School BHEL. The workshop aimed at guiding the students on how to cope with stress. The students also took part in an interactive session after a Power Point presentation.

  • Bhopal: Workshop on dealing with stress for school teachers

    BHOPAL: A workshop on stress management titled ‘Embrace of Life and Joy’ was organised for school teachers at AISECT University on Wednesday. City-based psychologist Dr Vinay Mishra and Rajiv Agarwal were the mentors. They gave tips to teachers on how to develop strong bonding with students. A presentation on self-control and dealing with stress was also given. They were also given detailed information on PTSD, physical abuse and sexual abuse.  Rajiv Agarwal

  • Bhopal: Negative thoughts lead youth to suicide

    BHOPAL: A workshop on stress management was organised by Patel Group of Institutions, at Ravindra Bhawan. Dr Vinay Mishra was the key speaker. Mishra in his speech stressed on positive thinking and motivation. He said youths resort to suicide due to negative thoughts. He also gave tips to remain tension-free. Mishra suggested certain relaxation techniques.

  • Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

    Managing stress intelligently

    In last about 50 years or more, it has been increasingly realised by the medical professionals that many ailments are caused by stress or trauma resulting in more and more deaths. Isn’t it surprising that a few years back, something like stress , about which we were not so serious, has today become a part of our everyday life. Many people feel that stress is something that happens to them during an

  • Gardening: The new stress-buster

    says it’s better to adopt gardening as a hobby and take recourse to nurturing plant life amidst fresh air and warm rays of germ-killing sunlight

  • Stressed out…Turn off emails and avoid stress

    Melbourne: Stress and Gen Y are just so made for each other and one of the reasons for the same is the constant email updates.

  • dish washing

    Believe it! Washing dishes reduces stress

    New York: If a look at the piling dishes in the kitchen sink after a long day gives a headache, just take a deep breath and plunge into action! New research has found that washing dishes with full concentration may calm the mind and reduce your stress. The study looked at whether washing dishes could be used as an informal contemplative practice that promotes a positive state of mindfulness — a meditative

  • Yoga

    De-stress and re-live!

    So you have been waiting for the monsoon to rather be regular than just attacking you on the day you finally decide to leave your umbrella home, fooled by the sun rays that seem extra bright.