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  • Work-life balance: Film producer Anand Pandit reveals how he keeps himself happy

    Film production is a very stressful profession and Anand Pandit, producer of films including ‘Sarkar 3’, ‘Great Grand Masti’ and ‘Missing’, knows exactly how tough it can get. However, he does manage to handle the extreme stress and find happiness. In order to be happy, it is important to indulge in activities that will make you feel de-stressed and rejuvenated, he believes. Learn from the man himself a trick or two about

  • Mumbai Mania! Finding peace amidst the frenzy

    Mumbai – The City of Dreams. A city where the dreams are big, but the time is short. Doing justice to the title of ‘the city that never sleeps’, one can be certain that no matter what the time, the roads will be full, the horns will be honking and the people will be bustling. This charm of the city can be alluring at first, but can often lead to burnout to

  • Beat stress, the natural way

    A study of 200,000 respondents has found that 46 per cent of the Indian workforce reports suffering from some form of stress. Stress is the body’s natural response to pressure. It can have a negative effect on your body, mood, as well as behaviour, with wide-ranging effects like headaches, anxiety, fatigue and irritability.

  • Secret To Success: Take stress with dignity

    Stress is the new disease of our times. Rarely do you find a person who is not struggling with his or her own stress on an everyday basis? Be it professional, personal, financial, emotional or anything else; stress has found its way in our households from all directions possible and is in control of our thoughts, words and actions. We fall prey to this monster, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. It builds

  • Indore: Reading helps one relax and escape from stress

    Indore: From fairytales to philosophies, every kind of book holds a special part of life in memories of those pages. As a friend, guide, teacher and entertainment, books form an essential part in our lives that remains close to us.

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    Trying to Conceive in the City That Never Sleeps

    Mumbai is known as the Maximum City and the City that Never Sleeps. It is the most populous city in India. Life in Mumbai is fast-paced, noisy and crowded. The pressure and stress of urbanization in Mumbai has led to fertility problems in couples that are trying to conceive.

  • Indore: Beating the stress creatively for academic success

    Indore: Beating the stress before Board examinations, students take up various activities instead of digging themselves in a pile of books. Sharing their unique ways, two students Nandini Agrawal and Ishika Sharma talked about various tricks to relax and lead the way to success.

  • Stay away from stress

    Stress is a word that most of us use in common parlance. By limited understanding, we all assume that stress is either situational or incident driven. We tend to think that modern times are full of stress, that what we face everyday even within our daily routines and responsibilities contributes to stress.

  • Bhopal: MP police turn to yoga to beat stress

    Bhopal: With the suicide of Town Inspector (TI) of Gairatganj police station, Sanjay Dubey, who allegedly shot himself with his service revolver at his residence on Thursday morning, questions have again raised regarding the stress level of police personnel at ground level. Initial investigations suggest that he was under stress due to family tension which forced him to take the extreme step.

  • Indore: ‘Have balanced diet for physical stress management’

    Indore: Master corporate trainer Deepika Munot has said that you cannot eliminate stress but you can manage it. For physical stress management, always have balanced food diet, regular exercise and yoga. While work, always priotrise your efforts so that it can bring more efficiency and effectiveness in your job.

  • Bhopal: Pawaiya stresses skill development in students

    BHOPAL: ‘Career is a part of life and not life,’ said higher education minister Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya showing concern on the stress and pressure students face during exams. He said this while inaugurating the two-day career fair at Sarojini Naidu College here on Monday.

  • Trauma, stress weakens ability to perceive facial expressions

    New York: Adolescents suffering from trauma and stress are likely to have impairment in the ability to recognise facial expressions that is critical for social functioning and communicating emotions, researchers say.

  • Stressful jobs can actually make you find ways to solve problems

    London : Is stress at your workplace affecting your life? A new study finds that stressful jobs can make you find ways to solve problems and work through ways to get the work done, instead of making something debilitating, it can actually be something that is energising, according to ANI.

  • Stress may make your dogs hair turn grey!

    Dog owners, take note! Stress may give your pooch a ‘salt-and-pepper’ look, say scientists who found that just like us, our canine friends too are susceptible to hair greying due to anxiety, reports PTI.

  • Here’s how to remember lessons better during exam time

    New York: Do you find it difficult to remember lessons despite reading them over and over again because of the stress that examinations put? If yes, this new study may provide you a solution.

  • Mumbai: Central Railway plans Kurla, LTT travelator to help commuters

    Mumbai: To ease up communters stress of travelling from Kurla to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT), Central Railway has planned to build a travelator. The estimated cost for this project is pegged around Rs 16 crore. Central Railway had build Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, to help commuters coming from CST, Dadar and Thane.

  • Probiotics may help you beat stress

    New York: Common probiotics sold in supplements and yogurt can decrease stress-related behaviour and anxiety, suggests new research, says IANS. “Our study has shown that simple probiotics that we normally use to keep our digestive tract in sync, could be beneficial to reducing our stress levels as well,” said Aaron Ericsson from University of Missouri in the US.

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    World Mental Health Day: Everything is in your head!

    When was the last time you left office on time? Don’t remember? And even if you do then there might be some special occasion. Today there is hardly any 9 to 5 culture and the office in the city buzzes with noise even if it is 9 pm. The lights are on. The laptops are running 24*7 and the definition of working hard has become synonymous with staying late in office. The rat race